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Fall Dance Competition
by Shelly Hazard

Saturday night, four couples went to the townís annual fall dance competition. Each couple dressed in matching colors and they all performed very well. The competition was fierce but friendly and everyone had a grand time. Determine the name of each couple, their place in the competition, and the color each couple wore.

1. Tom, who wasnít married to Jean, placed better than Mary and her husband but worse than the West couple did.

2. The couple wearing brown won the event. Mr. and Mrs. King came in 4th place.

3. Bill Snow and his wife didnít wear the green outfits. Jean wasnít married to John.

4. The couple wearing blue placed after the couple wearing red but before the King couple.

5. From 4th place to 1st place, the couples won in the following order: John and his wife, the couple wearing blue, Mr. and Mrs. Forest, Brenda and her husband.

6. George and his wife placed better than Tom and Sara.


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