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Lunch Time!
by Shelly Hazard

Four friends met one day for lunch at their favorite diner. Each ordered a sandwich, one side dish, and a dessert. As it happens, everyone ordered something different. Determine the full name of each person and what they had for lunch.

1. Peter Wish didnít have French fries with his sandwich, which wasnít roast beef. The man who had the rice pilaf also had chocolate cake.

2. Mr. Tummel, whose first name wasnít Tim, didnít order the garden salad or the apple pie. Walter didnít order a tuna sandwich or baked potato.

3. Sam thought the hot fudge sundae looked a lot better than his dessert but he agreed that his side dish was a lot better than Timís salad.

4. Mr. Summer and Peter didnít order a dessert with ice cream. Sam didnít order the baked potato though he did get the turkey sandwich.

5. The man who got vanilla ice cream, and it wasnít Walter, ordered French fries with his sandwich.

6. Mr. Wayvern, whose first name wasnít Walter, ordered a ham sandwich but didnít order apple pie.


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