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New Year's Resolutions
by Shelly Hazard

It's traditional on New Year's Eve to announce your New Year's resolutions, those things that you're going to do better or more of during the new year. The four couples who met at Mark's place for New Year's eve made no exception to this tradition. Each couple announced their resolutions for the New Year, vowing that this year, they would do them. To help them with this goal, each made their resolution a specific, achievable goal, rather than the ethereal "I'll do more" kind of resolution. Determine the full name of each couple and the New Year's resolution each couple announced.

1. Tom and his wife were determined to take their kids camping during the summer this year.

2. Mr. Club, who wasn't Greg, announced that they were planning to exercise at least twice a week. Martha wasn't married to Mark.

3. Sam didn't plan to buy a new home. Carol Diamond didn't plan to lose 30 pounds.

4. Greg wasn't married to Sara.

5. Each couple is represented by: Mr. and Mrs. Spade, the couple who plan to buy a new home, Paula and her husband, and Tom Heart.

6. Sam Spade wasn't married to Sara.


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