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Puzzles.COM is proud to present the Millennium Puzzles - our selection of the best puzzles created in the World for the past thousand years.

Our Millennium Puzzles selection is based upon several different criteria - popularity, originality, puzzling effect (like Aha!), fun, educational value. We'll do our best to include a wide range of puzzle types, and hope this selection will bring you hours of fun, puzzling, pleasant moments, and even remembrance and nostalgia.

Enjoy all those good old and new puzzle gems!
Soma Cube - Millennium Puzzle
Soma Cube
One of the most outstanding and popular among modern puzzles. Seven different pieces made out of cubes can form a bigger 3x3x3 cube and thousands of other shapes.
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Collating the Coins - Millennium Puzzle
Collating the Coins
Change the order of five coins in a chain from big-small-big-small-big to big-big-big-small-small. Another classic puzzle gem!
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Nine Points - Millennium Puzzle
Nine Points
Nine points, four lines, a pencil and... possibly an eraser. Go through all the points not lifting a pencil off the paper.
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Fifteen Puzzle - Millennium Puzzle
Fifteen Puzzle
Originally introduced more than 120 years ago, this puzzle instantly made the whole World crazy. Now you can enjoy it among Millennium Puzzles...
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Saddle the Horses - Millennium Puzzle
Saddle the Horses
Arrange the three cards so that each rider is in his correct riding position on top of each horse.
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English 16 - Millennium Puzzle
English 16
The English 16 puzzle was very popular in Victorian England and Europe. This puzzle applet was written by Bob Kirkland as a birthday gift for our site.
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The Tangram - Millennium Puzzle
The Tangram
Feel the spirit of this classic pastime. Just find the way to arrange several old figures, and then form your own great figures.
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Out of Glass - Millennium Puzzle
Out of Glass
Get the cherry outside the glass moving exactly two matches. Great classic!
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Rush Hour® - Millennium Puzzle
Rush Hour®
Your goal is to escape the gridlock with your red car. Just shift all blocking cars and trucks out of your way, and you win!
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