Puzzles.COM - Year Summary

Best 72 Features of 2006

Name the Month Zinlock Cube Cuts A Riddle About Nothing International Rubik's Cube Competition 2007 G-Knights Exchange
Bisection Oskar's Jukebox Puzzle Hearts & Diamonds A Couple of Language Equations 2007 Games of the Year and Other Awards - by GAMES© Open Mike Night
Cubed Triangles The Gem Puzzle Tents A Sheet Full of Numbers? Bulgaria 2006: One More Celebration of Puzzling is Over Christmas Rematch ~ Brian’s Team
FlexiNet FlipFive Change The Nine Making Your Own Word Searches Al Zimmermann's Programming Contests: Snakes On A Plane What Life Has to Offer...
Matches 12 Virtual Pannerotto Conversation Competitors Paint By Numbers Rules & Tutorials Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2006 XL-up maze
Toy Strip Origami TwinSpin Four Cards Erasing Digits till Zero World Gathering 2006 The Contour Tangram
Coins & Triangles The Fried Okra Perplexity Olympic Ice Dancing The Lost Tiger Illusion from Rusty Rust MathFest 2006 Creativity versus Art
The Earth Belt Color Sudoku Magic Square 12 Ice Creams 2006 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship - This Weekend! Ice Sculpture Art Show
Numbers 12 Colour-Wriggle Mazes The Sliding Three Heart Breaker Disentanglement Puzzle Mensa Mind Games® 2006 in Portland The Correct Order Puzzle
The 8 Angles Race Game Bahamas Cruise A Sudoku Challenge A Pair of Champions at the National School SCRABBLE® Championship European Vacation
Star Battle Snow Storm The Origami Checkerboard Puzzle Dragon Paper Illusion 29th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Ice Hockey Olympics
Stomachion Kokonotsu SuperSudoku European Vacation Counting to 100 1st World Sudoku Championship Znumbers
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