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Fifteen Puzzle

Millennium Puzzles - Puzzles.COM SelectOriginally introduced more than 120 years ago, this puzzle instantly made the whole World crazy. Now we're proud to present you a Flash version of the Fifteen Puzzle - one of the World's best known puzzles. 

Its object is very easy: just scramble the 15 numbered tiles in a square tray 4x4 with one vacant space, and then slide them into correct numerical order.

To move a tile simply click it. To scramble the tiles use the Random button. Now slide your own way to put them back to the start position.

We're working on a section at our site about this great classic puzzle, and will give there 
some details and tricks about the puzzle and its solving.
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To play the puzzle at your Pocket PC follow the next simple steps:
-- download the PocketPLAY .zip file using the Download icon above;
-- unzip the downloaded file;
-- copy the folder from your PC to your mobile device.
Now you can play the puzzle. Enjoy!

Mini Fifteen Puzzle at our Gift Shop

Mini Fifteen Puzzle at our Gift Shop
Now fits on a keychain!
The Fifteen Puzzle is a classic numerical nightmare, originally introduced in 1880 - and one of the best-sellers since its re-creation by Binary Arts in 2001. The original was so popular that we've made a mini version - just the right size for your keys, your pocket, or anywhere you want to carry along to play. It's great for gifts, but don't forget to get one for yourself!

Mini Fifteen Puzzle at our Gift Shop


Fifteen Puzzle at our Gift Shop

Fifteen Puzzle at our Gift Shop
The Fifteen Puzzle was recreated by Binary Arts Corp. in smooth, polished metal and decorative enamel, just as it appeared at the height of its popularity during the 1930s. A booklet featuring over 30 additional challenges and a handy leatherette carry bag are enclosed as well.

Fifteen Puzzle at our Gift Shop


If you are interested in buying the real metal Fifteen Puzzle or its Mini Version (you should be!), please visit our Gift Shop, or go directly to the page with the Fifteen Puzzle or to the page with the Mini Fifteen Puzzle.

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