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This Hall of Fame is dedicated to celebrate virtual puzzles which we consider are the best on the Web. Simultaneously the including into the Hall is our award to those puzzles and the sites behind them.

Our first entries in the Hall were mainly puzzles that have been our Special Features in former PuzzleUP sector (now Puzzle Links). These puzzles are our first laureates - definitely they all worth to be here!
Building Houses 2
Building Houses 2
from MathNet

You are provided with three views of a 3D shape - top, front and right. Would you be able to re-create the shape, but strictly using the number of the cubes given for that? Ten 3D problems which are definitely not easy! From MathsNet. Programmed by WisWeb.

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CuberXtreme from Digital Seed Entertainment
from Digital Seed Entertainment
Push similar colored cubes together to remove them from the stage. Remove four cubes at once for a higher score. Use arrow keys and spacebar. Play quickly to multiply your score with a combo bonus. You'll discover pet cubes and joker cubes very useful. From Digital Seed Entertainment.
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Znumbers by Nick Kouvaris
by Nick Kouvaris
A set of boxes on the field with numbers from 1 to 4 on them. Move every box to an empty cell by the number indicated on the box. Click the box and the X's will highlight the available cells. 10 difficulty levels. Each one is complete when all the boxes are moved.
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XL-up maze
XL-up maze
by Andrea Gilbert
Starting from the central square, step out the roman number sequence from I to XL (1 to 40), starting I, II, III, IV etc. Does this maze look like the years are passing by... or in contrast more like we are making our own way through them?
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The Kung Fu Packing Crate Maze
The Kung Fu Packing Crate Maze
by James W. Stephens
Help a martial arts superstar Cliff reach the crate "E" and finish filming the scene. No touching the floor, just jums in the air and lands on the crates. The director wants Cliff to finish 26 takes, so "Action!!" By PuzzleBeast.
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Sliding Stones 4
Sliding Stones 4
by Peter and Serhiy Grabarchuk
Exchange the four small squares captured within the four corners with the large square outside. It is said that 72 moves are enough, but try to figure them out! From the Puzzle Pages of Nick Baxter.
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Hexo-Mono by Mitsuhiro Odawara
by Mitsuhiro Odawara
A six-square piece combined with a square gives the nine different seven-square pieces. Add to them the square, and here comes the goal: to cover a chessboard with all of the pieces. By Mitsuhiro Odawara.
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Rubik's Fifteen from dotSphinx
Rubik's Fifteen
Rubik's version of the 15 puzzle. Try to create a magic square on one side and then order the numbers from I to XV on the back side. Don't try to complete both at the same time. From dotSphinx.
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MeMo Cube from Electronic Shadow
MeMo Cube
from Electronic Shadow
A number of characters are placed within several cubes in a 3D cubical shape. Click the cubes to reveal the pairs of identical characters behind them. A 3D memory game from Electronic Shadow.
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DodecaCap by Ishihama Yoshiaki
by Ishihama Yoshiaki
Switch the colors of dodecahedron's faces by exchanging each time a blue face with the yellow one and thus converting its color from light blue to deep blue. Will it be an easy challenge? By Ishihama Yoshiaki.
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ConSlide Puzzles by Oskar van Deventer
ConSlide Puzzles
by Oskar van Deventer
What do you think could happen to a simple sliding block puzzle if to connect some pieces in it with bridges? Get here to see the James Stephens' answer to this question.
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3D Lab Mouse by Oskar van Deventer
3D Lab Mouse
by Oskar van Deventer
Three mice are placed in three separate cages of four rooms each. Light up the rooms to make the mice shy away and then entrap them all in the rounded room at the same time.

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