14th World Puzzle Championship


Eger, Hungary, October 8-13, 2005

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14th WPC leaders: Niels Roest of the Netherlands, Wei-Hwa Huang of the US and Ulrich Voigt of Germany
Recent News: The 14th WPC Is Over and the Winners Are Known
This was an amazing fall week in Hungary, in the old city of Eger, full of history. The weather was marvelous, and the meal was delicious. The folks were hospitable and the puzzles were excellent. And on top of that the fun was in the air all the time...

Day 1.
At the Welcome Party, György István, the main organizer, introducing national delegations in the ABC order. Coming to the "H" letter and presenting his own Hungarian delegation: "OK, Hungary - just to keep the ABC order..."

Day 3.
György, explaining some rules before a contest:
"...when you are ready with the puzzle just raise your hand and say 'yahoo!', or something like that... even in Hungarian..." Several moments later: "OK, sorry, not the 'yahoo!' but 'google!'" (Google was the primary sponsor of the US team and of the 14th WPC).

Day 4.
Pop-Rock Quiz - an unofficial contest in the evening. The song is playing on. A contestant is pushing the button for the answer to be aired. He holds up the breath as if he is going to give up, turns to the showman, and breathes that out: "...you got it..." Yes, that was the song by Roy Orbison just played. He scores the point.

OK, coming back to the official results of the event.

The Play Off which took place on Wednesday, October 12, was very intriguing and thrilling. It revealed three leaders: Ulrich Voigt of Germany, Niels Roest of the Netherlands and Wei-Hwa Huang of the US. Though Wei-Hwa finished first, he had to wait until his five minute penalty he earned on the previous stages was over. Unfortunately for him five minutes were enough for Ulrich to complete his own penalty and solve the last puzzle, stealing the victory from Wei-Hwa in a very tiny time difference. As a result Ulrich became the Champion, Wei-Hwa got silver, and Niels got bronze. Thus, no surprises this time again.

Among the countries, Ulrich's team from Germany got the first prize. The silver was Wei-Hwa's team from the US. And Japan won bronze.

More team and individual results can be downloaded from www.wpc2005.ini.hu. At the moment you can see through a partial Photo Report of the event. It is going to be completed in several days. And also we are planning to present more results from the WPC on our site soon.

Puzzle Greetings from the biggest WPC to date! Leaving wonderful Eger and looking forward to the next year's puzzling fall in Bulgaria.
Posted: October 21, 2005
The 14th WPC Instruction Booklet Is Up
The 14th WPC Instruction Booklet Is Up
The Instruction booklet for this year's WPC is already available online, starting from September 30 (Friday) 9:00AM GMT. You can download it from the officially website of the event: www.wpc2005.ini.hu.

After you download and search it through, please post all your questions about the instructions directly to the Forum. The organizers will post their answers there as well - to make them available for everyone at the same time. The answering time will be closed in a week - on October 7 (Friday) 9:00AM GMT. Then they will collect all your comments, with further handling and responding (with possible errata) to you in Eger (because not everybody studies the Forum).

Being in Eger, on the 9th October Sunday evening you will have another opportunity to ask the organizers about the Instruction booklet.

The organizers are looking forward to welcome you on the biggest WPC starting in a week!

Based on an update message from György István.
Posted: September 30, 2005
Almost 30 Countries Announced to Join the Event
Almost 30 Countries Announced to Join the Event
It is less than two weeks left for the start of this year's World Puzzle Championship. At the moment 29 countries from four continents have already registered to send their teams to the event. Several of them in addition to the official A-team are going to provide the full B-team to participate.

Also over a dozen countries have registered their contestants to take part in the 6th 24 Hour Puzzle Championship following after the 14th WPC.

The list of countries and their planned delegations for both events can be found at http://rejtveny.atw.hu/wpc2005part.htm.

Still hesitate to join?..
Posted: September 28, 2005
Eger - Historical Game
Toward the Biggest Championship in the WPC's History!
This year the 14th WPC is planned to include more puzzle programs than ever. The Hungarian Puzzlers’ Association decided to deliver you much more than a simple WPC. During the event (8-13 October) they are planning to hold a Crossword Puzzle, a Scrabble and a Pop-Rock-Quiz Championships as well. Moreover after the WPC you’ll get an opportunity to take part in the unique 6th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship (14-15 October).

Until now interest from 27 countries has been confirmed. Also there is an interest from several countries (e. g. USA, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania) to send a B-team and/or extra puzzlers for the WPC. Now it seems that this Championship can be the biggest one in the WPC’s history!

If you are going to join the upcoming event, then you have to know that deadline for the 14th WPC’s registration is September 1, 2005. The recent update on the 14th WPC, including schedule, registration, puzzles for practicing or special programs, can be downloaded in PDF format (41 KB).

You are also invited to join the 6th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship! It promises to be no less exciting than the WPC itself. The deadline for registration is September 1, 2005 as well. There is a special offer in the registration fee for whose who are taking part in the WPC. The recent update on the 6th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship, including rules, accommodation, registration or puzzles for practicing, can be downloaded in PDF format (43 KB).

The organizers are constantly revealing all the necessary information of the planned events. They also provide the recent updates as soon as they are available. In return they would like to ask everyone who plans to visit the events, for their mutual cooperation and help. You are cordially invited to constantly share all the details of your trip with the organizers and give them as much information as you have at any stage starting from now. This will be much appreciated!

The recent update on the most urgent requests can be downloaded in PDF format (40 KB).

The organizers are preparing a small book about the event as a memorable for the participants. To help their work EVERYONE (!) is kindly asked to send in a good quality photo (in any electronic format) and some basic information in English (including your command of a foreign language, e-mail address, if you want to publish it) about him/herself. Please, take a look at the sample.

Also some useful and relevant information about Hungary and traveling to it can be downloaded in PDF format (43 KB). More information about Hungary can be found at Hungary.com.
Posted: August 31, 2005
14th World Puzzle Championship
World Puzzle Federation
Hotel Eger & Park
Town of Eger
Fragment of map of Hungary
General Information
The 14th World Puzzle Championship will be held on October 8-13, 2005 in Eger, Hungary. Simultaneously, the annual Congress of the World Puzzle Federation will be held too.

The organizers of the event, the Hungarian Puzzlers' Association, cordially invite puzzlers from all over the world to participate. At the moment teams from 23 countries are registered. If you do not find your country in the official list of the participants, then it's only up to you, devoted puzzlers, to make that happen.

How to do that and take part in this year's WPC? If your country is a member of the WPF (check members) contact your national association. If you do not make your national team, you can still be at the event as guest or as member of an unofficial B-team (you can compete like all the others, but your results will not be listed in the official results).

All participants stay at the Hotel Eger & Park in Eger. All competitions and meetings will also take place in this hotel.

The hotel consists of two hotels that were built together. The rooms are in different style in the two parts: Hotel Park's building and rooms are styled with bathroom, higher headroom, older furniture. You can see one of the suites here. The Hotel Eger's rooms are of a younger style (with showers). If you register in time, you will have the opportunity to choose between them.

The hotel is located near the city center, close to the castle of Eger. The hotel itself is frequently hosting different international meetings, symposiums and other events. There is a well-equipped wellness part in the hotel, which offers several services. All major credit cards are accepted. How much the event will cost you can find here.

The town of Eger is a very interesting place to visit itself. This historical town is considered to be one of the most attractive in Hungary. And even more - it is one of the Hungarian candidates for the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010. We would like to recommend you an interactive Virtual sightseeing tour in Eger available at EgerOnline.com.

How to reach Eger? Unfortunately, there is no international airport around Eger, and no international train goes directly to Eger. But it's enough to reach Budapest, the capital of Hungary. From there the organizers will take you by bus directly to Hotel Eger & Park.

A planned schedule of the official WPC program, WPF program, and extra program (Saturday, October 8 through Thursday, October 13) can be found at www.wpc2005.ini.hu. Please, notice there is a special bonus program proposed to you on October 14-15, after the WPC - the 6th 24 Hours Championship.

By the end of September, at least one week before the event, a complete instruction booklet of the 14th WPC and the 24 Hours Championship will be available as a free download. Questions about the puzzles can be asked through the forum on the World Puzzle Federation website and at the special questioning session just before the first day of competition.

More detailed information on all of these, including program, accommodations, puzzles, photos of Eger with the hotel, and much more can be found at www.wpc2005.ini.hu.
Posted: August 8, 2005
Our special thanks for the materials go to György István - the main organizer of the 14th WPC.
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14th World Puzzle Championship
World Puzzle Federation
Hotel Eger & Park
Town of Eger
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14th World Puzzle Championship
World Puzzle Federation
Hotel Eger & Park
Town of Eger
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