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Day 2: October 9, 2005
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The day started with the travel to Szilvasvarad - a town near Eger. Three buses departed in the morning bringing an army of participants to the horseshow.   Beautiful horses outside, providing a glance at what the visitors should be expecting as for the inside horseshow.   Everybody is getting inside and taking the seats for the show... It's cold inside, but the feel of the upcoming performance is warming up.
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The show was really excited with many great and well-trained horses.   An open air railroad travel just immediately after the horseshow - Toward the spot with eating and drinking.   Arrived at the spot of the open-air fish roasting. That's on the background are the plates with salads. For vegetarians?
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Fish roasting: in the middle of the heat. Those wishing to take a part are provided with the fish and a piece of bacon.   Wine is skillfully poured into the glasses with a special move and from up above.   The wild nature just right beside the spot of the excursion.
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Sightseeing in Eger - the second half of the day. Starting from the Basilica - the second biggest country's church. A view at a domical fresco inside.   The second biggest organ in Hungary inside the second biggest country's church.   The famous 1950 domical fresco inside the Basilica. The prominent historical people and common people heading from Eger to Rome.
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Still sightseeing in Eger:  one of the town's views.   Sightseeing in Eger continues: narrow streets in the old part of the town.   A panoramic view on the Eger old roofs from the walls of the Castle.
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A restoration of an old cannon nearby the Castle's walls.   A bas-relief on the outside wall just to the right of the Castle's gates. Depicts a heroic historical defense of the Castle against the Ottoman army siege in 1552.   One more old cannon - inside the Castle.
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The upper buildings within the inner walls of the Castle. Now a part of the museum.   A fountain in the Castle's courtyard.   A statue - dominating the ruins in one of the Castle's parts.
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The Castle's tunnels. Now a part of the museum.   Again the Castle's tunnels.   One more tunnel. Are they going to end?..
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Drawings of an old church which ruins can still be seen within the Castle's walls.   In one of the Castle's courtyards. Swings for tourists. Having a rest after the excursion?   Back to the hotel. The questioning session is just about to begin.
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The captains are heading toward the main table to get the materials for their teams.   And the questioning sessions begins!   The questioning session: in the heat of the questions. Will it end before the midnight?.. Anyway, the 2nd day is almost done...
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