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Day 5: October 12, 2005 - Part 2
In the evening. The 14th WPC is almost over and it is only a prize-giving and a farewell-party left. Before the party starts a little contest organized by Serhiy Grabarchuk is held just beside the Conference Hall. It took only fifteen minutes but was very excited. Five spontaneous UN-teams have been competing against each other in order to show their skills in a blitz puzzle contest of solving three puzzles in a row. The first puzzle (the middle photo in the top row) was to move only one card in order to get a correct equation. The second part (the first photo in the 2nd row) was to produce a square from several diamonds. And the final puzzle was to produce the 14th WPC's logo out of some pieces consisting of color hexagons each (the two last photos in the 2nd row).

This improvised mini-contest was a success and the three winning teams received the awards - books from Serhiy and Peter Grabarchuk. Our congratulations to all!
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And now the time for the prize-giving and the farewell-party has finally come...
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First, beautiful dances and perfomance before the final words from organizers.   The gratitude and the farewell words on behalf of the entire organizing committee of the 14th WPC - from the main organizer György István   Closing and farewell words from the WPF Chairman Vítezslav Koudelka.
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Also a farewell speech from the mayor of Eger Imre Nagy (left).   The prize-giving ceremony has followed. The trio of the individual winners with their trophies. From left to right: Niels Roest of the Netherlands (3rd), Ulrich Voigt of Germany (Champion), and Wei-Hwa Huang of US (2nd).   And the winning teams. From left to right: Japan (3rd), Germany (1st), and the USA (2nd).
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The happy winning team from Germany. Moments of glory...   Individual trophies on one of the party tables.   And... the winning team trophy. Surely, The Grand Prix.
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