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    Christmas Twins
by Serhiy & Peter Grabarchuk

Cover each light area of both Christmas trees with six pieces in such a way that decorations on them - blue bulbs and yellow candies - will form exactly the same patterns.

So when you solve the puzzle correctly, you will have two FULLY IDENTICAL PATTERNS on your Christmas trees. Note that your patterns MUST NOT BE mirror symmetrical one to another, but POSITION and ORIENTATION of the decorations on both Christmas trees MUST FULLY COINCIDE when you simply superimpose one patterns on another without rotating or flipping it. 

There is no trick. You may put the pieces within the Christmas trees as you wish, but on their light areas only, and without overlapping. All the light areas must be fully covered without any gaps. Each pattern must contain six bulbs and six candies.

Move the pieces dragging them. Turn the pieces double clicking them.


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Last Update
May 25, 2007

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