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One of the recent Halloween night's parties contained a puzzle which is presented here.

The puzzle consists of eight pairs of pieces - 16 in total, which are scattered around the 4x4 square above. Each piece in a pair moves around some imaginary center relatively one to each other as shown in diagrams at the left. At the same time the pieces in a pair can be rotated at 90 degrees in clockwise direction. When a piece in a pair is rotated the other piece in that pair is rotated too - just as shown in the diagram at the right.

The objective of the puzzle is to arrange all the eight pairs within the 4x4 square above so that some image appear.

Move the pieces dragging them, rotate the pieces clicking them. It is enough to drag one of the two pieces in a pair in order that another piece is moving too. And also it is enough to click one of the two pieces in a pair to rotate both of them simultaneously.

Each time you want to begin the Rotation Movin' Party again - simply click the Restart button and it will scatter back the pieces around the the 4x4 square in random order.

Let the party begin!
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