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    Serpentine Lines
by Serhiy Grabarchuk

Grid SampleWhich three (and only three!) serpentine lines out of the eight (A-H) shown above will give you (when you stack them together) the full grid like that shown in the sample on the left?

You may rotate each serpentine line as you like, but you can't overturn (reflect) it.

The light grid shown in the midst of the eight serpentine lines is for stacking of your candidate lines up. To move a serpentine line - drag it, to rotate - click it. 

When you solve the puzzle correctly, a congratulation message with a password will be displayed.
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Mini-Contest 24 - Serpentine Lines is FINISHED

Finally, we can propose this contest's results and some details about the solution. With this Mini-Contest 24 is finished. And, with our deep regret, we must say that it was our last Mini-Contest in this series. Let's hope one day we can continue them.

It was our twenty-fourth Mini-Contest. We were planning to finish it at the end of year 2002, but because of some technical and other reasons it had to remain without our touch for long six months. We apologize for this, and appreciate your patience.

Because of the specific situation with this Mini-Contest we've decided to add to the winners' list also those solvers' names who sent the right answers after the deadline. We hope every winner can accept this little exception, and we're grateful to you for your understanding.

It was our third Mini-Contest with the PuzzleCLUB sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. Again we have the site's record in the right answers to our Mini-Contests. We thank you for this, and at the moment we'd like to say: "Stick With Us! Keep Puzzling!"

Contest Results

The winners are:
1. Angela Birkenhead.
2. Laura Hawley.
3. Ronald Yeh.
4. Chip Johnson.
5. Sean Egan.
6. Jensen Lai.
7. Craig A. Cyburt.
8. Horst Karaschewski.
9. William Arrowsmith.
10. Brett Bakner.
11. Sandee Cogan.
12. Jason Adkins.
13. Stephen Fineman.
14. Marivic Estabillo.
15. Joseph Phipps.
16. Nadir Babiker.
17. Aanchal Gupta.
18. Ms. Cuuute.
19. Scott T.
20. Mary Munoz.
21. Cris Johnson.
22. Leo MacWilliam.
23. Shannon Tibbs.
24. Shrilatha Acharya.
25. Shimona Carvalho.
26. Paula Rankine.
27. Mary Leners.
28. David Noel-Davies.
29. Jackie.
30. Clint Weaver.
31. Rich Jarman.
32. Tony.
33. Tracie Donovan.
34. Jenny Guo.
35. Russell McCloud.
36. Sally G. Bowen.
37. Cassy Dalzell.
38. Dave Harmon.
39. Tim Seymour.
40. Rachel Bateman.
41. Robert Moric.
42. Heshy Y. Roskes.
43. Ian Pedder.
44. Jason Meyers.
45. Julia.
46. Rebecca Mutch.
47. Denis Austin.
48. Erin McGrath.
49. Praveen Jain.
50. Adam Davies.
51. Rayoly.
52. Mimi D.
53. J. MacDonald Ruffeno.
54. Eric Monteith.
55. Sri Teja Basava.
56. Dion North, Andrew North, and Ashley North.
57. Shashidhar Reddy.
58. Matthew Pittaway.
59. Stacey Greene.
60. Vladut.
61. Sofia Maldonado.
62. Ceraj2.
63. Nicole Takahashi.
64. Hemanth Boguda.
65. Anna Khomyakova.
66. Mikael Schönning.
67. Clancinah Baloyi.
68. RTLarkins.
69. Brittany M.
70. Shane.
71. Cheryl Falkner.
72. Ashish A.
73. Mary Clacherty.
74. Cheryl Falkner
75. Maud.
76. Nicole Arjoon.
77. Nýlüfer Karabakal.
78. Janis Hall.
79. Anne Nelson.
80. Elaine O'Hara.
81. Andrew.
82. Beth Connor.
83. Kimberley Baker.
84. Amy Warren.
85. RainWhisper7.
86. Ehab Nabil Karam.
87. Alan Lemm.
88. Shule Bulbul.
89. Pizzatruck.
90. Nupur Pallavi.
91. Jhlu.
92. Rebecca.
93. Maria Hurtado.
94. Audrey Weatherington.
95. Jennifer Crochet.
96. Will Leslie.
97. Rhys Bowden.
98. M. Lakshmana Gandh.
99. Yen Sing.
100. Melissa Austin.
101. MrEkitten.
102. Roland Vyncke.
103. Hong Ting and Tsun Ting.
104. Priya Narasimhan.
105. Mohd Aizal.
106. Sean Myers.
107. Daniel Fretwell.
108. Khem Raj.
109. Krishna Kumar.
110. Joseph Thomas.
111. Carlton Henderson.
112. Joseph Peter Bolas.
113. Alan O'Donnell.
114. Girish Keswani.
115. Bob Morse.
116. Chris Freckleton.

Mini-Contest 24 - Serpentine Lines

Before we give the answer, we'd like to propose this puzzle as our Mini-Contest 24 to all the visitors of our site.

Your messages with answers must be received by December 22, 2002

The names of the solvers who send us the correct solution will be posted here and at the Puzzle Help section.

How to Send Your Answers

First Way. Send us just three letters (you can see 'em next to the lines) which mean the three serpentine lines that make the full grid like that shown in the sample; this may look like the following:
B, C, and D. 
This is just a sample of solution to the puzzle - not real solution!! 
Second Way. Send us a password you'll get when you solve the puzzle correctly. 

Third Way. Also you can send us both the three letters and the password.

Every way is acceptable.

Happy Puzzling :)
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