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    Serpentine Lines

This was a good challenge, and we got a lot of solutions to it. All your comments show that you liked it very much. Thank you for this!

To make the full grid you need to stack together the three serpentine lines - A, F, and H; they are highlighted in gray. It's possible to do in several ways every of which, in fact, will lead to the same solution. We show one of them:

-- First click three times the line A, and then drag and put it on the light grid in the midst.
-- Now click twice the line H, and also put it onto the middle pattern.
-- Finally, drag the line F and add it to the pattern consisting of the lines A and H; no need to rotate it.

Immediately after that you will see the congratulation message and the password. The snaky challenge is solved!

The solution is shown in the illustration above.


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February 5, 2006

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