The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles


by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Peter Grabarchuk, and Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr.

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The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Peter Grabarchuk, and Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr. - Buy at Amazon   More than a hundred original and creative puzzles from the Grabarchuk family group. The puzzles collected in the book are very different but they all require "out of the box" approach and are based heavily on a visual appeal. Many puzzles from the book will definitely become classic one day. Just to name some types of puzzles from the book: logical, visual, puzzles with coins and matchsticks, spatial, dot-connecting, and more.

Improving problem solving skills, training spatial imagination, enriching visual perception or building self-confidence as you advance through the puzzles - these are only several among many other reasons why to have this book in your library.

No matter whether you are an experienced puzzle guru or just a novice casual puzzler you'll find in the book your own portion of brain food for many days ahead. The Grabarchuks are constantly devoted to the original and innovative puzzle concepts. This constitutes a guarantee the brain food you'll get from the book is of a superior quality. Just enjoy!

Will Shortz, Crossword Editor, The New York Times

The Grabarchuk family-father and sons-make some of the most original and ingenious brain teasers in the world. I could happily spend weeks with this book.

Peter Winkler, author of Mathematical Mind-Benders and Mathematical Puzzles: A Connoisseur's Collection

The talented Grabarchuk family have produced a tantalizing collection of highly original puzzles, each with its own set of rules (or rules you have to find yourself). Often geometrical in character, these puzzles are always entertaining and sometimes fiendishly difficult. The sudoku player in the airplane seat next to you will be green with envy!

Andy Liu, Professor Ph.D., University of Alberta

An excellent collection of 108 puzzles from an Eastern European perspective, a counterpart to the Oriental flavor of Nob Yoshigahara's Puzzles 101.

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Posted: April 17, 2008
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