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by Dave Tuller

Locate the tents in the grid. Each tree is connected to exactly one tent, found in a horizontally or vertically adjacent square. Tents do not touch each other, not even diagonally. The numbers outside the grid reveal the total number of tents in the corresponding row or column.

Our Flash applet allows you to fill in the grid's squares simply clicking them, as described below.

A. Click any empty square to make it yellow. You may use it to mark a square where you're sure no tent is placed. 
B. Click the same yellow square again, and a tent will appear in it. Use it to mark the square where you're sure a tent is placed. 
C. Click this square with the tent one more time, and you'll make it empty again. 

Use the Restart button every time you want to clear the grid, and start to solve the puzzle over again.


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October 26, 2003

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