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The Czech Puzzling (1)  


The WPF Logo
World Puzzle Assembly
The General Assembly of the World Puzzle Federation (WPF) took place during the 10WPC in Brno.

Beautiful wooden ornaments in the Lednice Palace
Family Album at Lednice Palace
There was a trip to South Moravia and visiting the Lednice Palace.

The 10WPC Logo
Puzzlers at Work
Three days 105 puzzlers from 27 puzzle teams were competing for the beautiful prizes.

The 10WPC Timer
Screen Puzzles
Puzzle Part 9 included puzzles viewed on the screens.

The folding puzzle from Part 11
Puzzle Theater
One of the most original competitions - the Puzzle Theater. The participants try to solve live puzzles.

The block puzzle from Part 15
Team Tournament
The 3rd day was fully devoted to the team competitions.


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