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The Czech Puzzling (2)  


Puzzles in Czech
Some puzzles are extremely popular in the Czech Republic.
The most famous Czech puzzle - Jezek v Kleci (Hedgehog in a Cage)

1st Place Team
Team USA was the best 
at the Championship in Brno.

2nd Place Team
The Czech team was 
the second.

3rd Place Team
The Belgium team was 
the third.

Individual Winners
From left to right:
1st Place - Ulrich Voigt, 
2nd Place - Robert Babilon, 
Czech Republic; 
3rd Place - Zack Butler, 

The 10WPC Jury - at left.
The 10WPC Director - 
at right.
Vitezslav Koudelka - the Director of the 10th World Puzzle Championship in Brno

Thank you, friends, for the fantastic puzzle event in your wonderful country!!

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