The Object
How to Play
This program requires a Java-enabled browser.
This Java© applet is a software implementation of the Windmill Puzzle, a mechanical puzzle by Oskar van Deventer, see photos below. After scrambling the disks, can you get them back to their original position?
The Object
Scramble the disks and then try to get them sorted again by tilting the windmill left or right.
How to Play
First scramble the puzzle.
Use Start Scramble to scramble the puzzle.
Use Stop Scramble to stop the scrambling.

Then start solving the puzzle.
Use Turn Left to turn the windmill left.
Use Turn Right to turn the windmill right.
Use Reset to restart the puzzle.
Use # disks drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use Animation speed slider to adjust the speed of the animation.
Click on the photos to enlarge them
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Photo 1: Mechanism of Windmill puzzle, front view
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Photo 2: Mechanism of Windmill puzzle, back view with spring
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April 10, 2004
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