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120  Counting to 100
119  Magic Square 4x4
118  Death by Diet Mystery Puzzle
117  Halloween Puzzles at Puzzles.COM
116  Dad's Puzzler
115  U.S. Map Puzzle
114  Silhouettes - MC27
113  Hard 14 - MC26
112  They Call It Rebus
111  A Cannot-Be-Done Puzzle
110  Doublets
109  Get 4L - One More Solution
Always 100!
120  Counting to 100
Question: Looking for a puzzle that counts to #100. Thanks

Answer: Our tip would be Always 100 interactive counting puzzle from GameIntellect.com.
Posted: January 22, 2006
119  Magic Square 4x4
119  Magic Square 4x4
Question: Can you help me with this puzzle. I've spent many hours with no luck. Arrange the numbers l to l6 in a four by four square so that each row and each column and the two main diagonals add up to 34. Good luck - is there a secret to these puzzles that I am not aware of - or is it just trial and error. Thanks!!!
John H.

Answer: There are 880 Magic squares 4x4. Actually a fundamental set consists of 220 squares, but by means of certain transformations four different squares can be produced from each fundamental one. All 880 magic squares are presented here.

But, please, bear in mind, John gave the puzzle one more try and successfully solved it before visiting that page (at least we hope so). Thus, we would like to recommend you not to hurry up with looking into the solutions before you try the puzzle first. It's our strong belief you can solve it without any specific outside help!
Posted: December 23, 2005
118  Death by Diet Mystery Puzzle
118  Death by Diet Mystery Puzzle
Question: I found a puzzle game called death by diet mystery puzzle but it does not have the directions with it. Have you ever heard of it and where can I find the directions for it? The box says it is the division of Lombard Marketing from West Hartfor, CT. Thank-you for any help you can give me.
Dennis B.

Answer: Since this is Death by Diet, we guess the division of Lombard Marketing producing this jigsaw puzzle mystery is Bepuzzled. In this case it is better to contact University Games Corporation - they acquired Bepuzzled from Lombard Marketing, Inc. in 1999. University Games can be visited online at www.universitygames.com and their contact information is provided here.
Posted: December 23, 2005
117  Halloween Puzzles at Puzzles.COM
117  Halloween Puzzles at Puzzles.COM
Question: Help, I was playing with your halloween shape puzzle and wanted to share it with a friend and can not find it now.

Answer: There are several Halloween puzzles on our site coming from different years. They all are presented in Our Collection of Puzzle Club. The puzzles are:

From Halloween 2000: Halloween Puzzle.

From Halloween 2001: Halloween 2001.

From Halloween 2002: Mr. Pumpkin's Puzzle.

From Halloween 2003: Rotation Movin' Party.

From Halloween 2004: Checkered Halloween.

And to complete the list the recent one from Halloween 2005: Red•Blue•Yellow.
Posted: December 23, 2005
116  Dad's Puzzler
116  Dad's Puzzler
Question: My son-in-law recently found this puzzle that was his grandmother's. He remembers working on it for hours as a little boy. Do you have or know where I can find the solution. I would be a hit as a mother - in- law if I could find this for him. Thank you
Virginia H.

Answer: This puzzle is an old classic sliding block puzzle known under some other names, for example such as Penant Puzzle. The puzzle has a 59-move solution. You can find it here or here.

And an illustrative solution to it can be found here.
Posted: December 23, 2005
115  U.S. Map Puzzle
Question: Am interested in purchasing a puzzle -map of US with names of each state on indiv puzzle peice rep. U.S. perhaps each state in different color. Advise.
D. J.

Answer: The potential candidates for the answer to your puzzle request can be found at (some of them are the same, except for the different locations):








Posted: December 5, 2005
114  Silhouettes - MC27
This is our 27th Mini-Contest and the 3rd one in the new series starting from the previous 25th Mini-Contest.

Simultaneously this is our sixth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector. The names of the solvers who submit the correct solutions to this puzzle (when the contest is complete) will be presented within the Puzzle Help sector too.

Now we invite you to the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector to take part in Mini-Contest 27.

Happy Puzzling!
Posted: October 5, 2004
Hard 14
113  Hard 14 - MC26
This is our 26th Mini-Contest and the 2nd one in the new series starting from the previous 25th Mini-Contest.

Simultaneously this is our sixth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector. The names of the solvers who submit the correct solutions to this puzzle (when the contest is complete) will be presented within the Puzzle Help sector too.

Now we invite you to the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector to take part in Mini-Contest 26.

Happy Puzzling!
Modified: June 18, 2004
Posted: May 7, 2004
112  They Call It Rebus
Question: Hi,
I came across some puzzles that I really enjoyed. I challenge my staff with them. Could you help me find more &/or what the type/name of these puzzles are?
Here is an example -

          G.I       = G.I's over seas

          Black      = Black over coat

          BloCuse    =   sees through blouse

Looking forward to your response.
Louise E..

we are trying to find the name of a certain word puzzle and are having no luck at all.

It's the kind where there are pictures and words and it makes a sentence or paragraph like an eyeball means the letter "I" or a picture of a cup w/ a -c next to it would be "up"

do you know what they are called?

Answer: As usual a puzzle like that is called rebus.

More information on these puzzles as well as lots of their examples can be found at:




Brainteasers - NIEHS Kids Page Brainteasers 2:
Modified: October 27, 2005
Posted: May 7, 2004
The Five Pennies
111  A Cannot-Be-Done Puzzle
Question: Dear Sir/Madam,

Before presenting puzzles you should first make sure the solutions are actually possible. eg the five coins solution is nonsense and therefore i am unable to take your website seriously as a consequence. Thanks for wasting my time, though it didn't take me long to realize that it could not be done.

J. J.

Answer: This puzzle is one of the classic puzzles of its kind. It is quite old puzzle and the goal lies in the fact what is the possible model for such a construction, even unstable. We do agree with you that it is very hard to arrange the coins into that construction without any outside support for it.

Please, don't be disappointed and don't take all the puzzles as the strict mathematical models available to be built in real world. After all the Puzzle World is meant to bring in some fun and stimulate solvers think is some non-standard directions. *smile*
Posted: May 7, 2004
110  Doublets
Question: I was searching the net when i found green to brown and thought why not green to grass. So with some time and help from www.dictionary.com, i got this list!


Hope you use it!


Answer: Such puzzles where you have to change one word to another by altering single letters at each step are usually called Doublets (or sometimes Word Ladders). The puzzles themselves were invented by Lewis Carroll more then a century ago. It is really very difficult to find the shortest solutions to such puzzles by hand. As usual today they are found by computers.

There was GRASS to GREEN doublet was proposed by Carroll at that time as well. The shortest known solution to it was found decades later with help of computer:

That's why any solution to doublets found by hand (even a little bit longer than that found with help of computer) is very appreciated. Thanks.

More information on these puzzles you can find in A Gardner's Workout: Training the Mind and Entertaining the Spirit by Martin Gardner. By the way, we also have several examples of these puzzles included into our PuzzlePLAYGROUND -
Posted: May 7, 2004
Get 4L
109  Get 4L - One More Solution
Question: 3 move solution.

Tilt 3L jug diagonally and fill from corner to corner will equal l l/2 L.
Then tilt 5L jug and fill from corner to corner will equal 2 l/2L.

Pour l l/2 L into 5L jug which has 2 l/2 L to equal 4L.
Joe Zacharr

In the problem involving obtaining 4 liters using two bottles... (1 is 3 liters, the other 5)... the quickest to obtain the goal is to fill both bottles and pour out one half of each. This would leave 1.5 in the 3 liter bottle and 2.5 in the 5 liter bottle. Then pour the contents of the 3 liter bottle into the larger bottle. That's 4 liters and it is much faster than the steps given.
Melanie Gretzinger

Answer: The most difficult thing in Melanie's solution is to figure out how to get exactly one half in each container or bottle (there are no any measures on the container except the fact we know about their overall capacity)? Joe's solution explains it, but in this case we have to use containers of a certain shape.

Thus, to perform the solution described by Melanie and Joe, we need a little bit special containers which would allow us to fill exactly one half in each of them. Two such containers are shown in the illustration.

As soon as water level coincides with the diagonal plane which divides the container in two halves, we can conclude that the water left in the container is exactly one half of its capacity.

Modified: January 26, 2006
Posted: May 7, 2004
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