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168  The Fishermen Love Me...
167  Getting Two Squares from One
166  73 B. in the B
165  Puzzle Balls
164  Rebuses
163  Walls & Lines - More Variations
162  Soma Cube
161  Ideas on Walls & Lines
160  A Matchstick Puzzle: 9 squares to 3
159  Unicursal Patterns - More
158  Language Equations: Several More
157  Puzzles by BePuzzled
168  The Fishermen Love Me...
168  The Fishermen Love Me...
Question:  the Fishermen love me but doctors hate me Kids want to eat me. I am 13letter word
Who I am?

Pl reply
Warm rgds,
Rajiv Singbal

Answer: This is quite a weird riddle. The answer to it widely accepted on the Web is also a little bit weird. It is Chathuringmes - a technical word for sort of worms. Take a look here. Another opinion is that this is one of the unsolvable riddles.
Posted: April 5, 2008
167  Getting Two Squares from One
167  Getting Two Squares from One
Question: if a boat was hit by a torpedo and left a 2' x 2' hole and the crew did not have enough metal to fix this. so the crew cut a 14' x 12' piece of metal and cut it to fix both holes. how was this done?
please send me and answer as soon as possible. this is a question posed to me by a coworker.

Answer: The Magic Square trick in our Puzzle Playground sector can be useful in helping to explain the secret.
Posted: March 3, 2008
166 73 B. in the B
166  73 B. in the Bs
Question: Hi-
I am stumped on the following language equation:
73 B. in the B.


Answer: ???
If you think you have an answer to this language equation, please,
drop us a line. Thank you!
Posted: March 3, 2008
165 Puzzle Balls
165  Puzzle Balls
Question: Hi,
I don't know if you can help me, but I will try. I am looking for a puzzle that is not flat, but round. You can put the puzzle together and it makes a round ball. The puzzle is a image or scenery. Can you help?

Answer: From the description we can conclude these are jigsaw Puzzle Balls. They are manufactured by Ravensburger. Some examples of Puzzle Balls can be found at AllJigsawPuzzles.co.uk, JigsawGallery.com or BestQualityToys.com.
Posted: March 3, 2008
164  Rebuses
Question: I have a puzzle I can not solve. It is a word/mind puzzle. Ex: If you write the letters li over the letter s you get li on s which could mean lioness.

Well this one is a square drawn on a paper with the letters ep(f) written in the middle. No one can figure it out. Any clue as to the meaning? And what are these kinds of puzzles called?

Thanks so much, Laura

Answer: Such puzzles are called rebuses. Unfortunately, we cannot answer the second rebus from this message, but links to some places where such a rebus can probably (?) be found are collected in Item #112.
Posted: November 1, 2007
163  Walls & Lines - More Variations
Question: Hello I'm having a terrible time to answer the following puzzle. attached is the template to the puzzle. The goal is to pass each wall only once with a line. including the ones inside (marked by a line). I have tried all approaches but have failed as i always have one side that cannot be cut. Although there might be a trick. the person that gave it to me assured me there are no going through the corners nor any outside interference.

Thank you

Answer: This challenge is one more variation on the "classic" Walls & Lines challenge which is described in Item #032. Unfortunately, the puzzle cannot be solved in a straightforward way. After Martin Gardner it can be proved in the following way: <<A continuous line that enters and leaves one of the rectangular rooms must of necessity cross two walls. Since the three rooms have each an odd number of walls to be crossed, it follows that an end of a line must be inside each room if all the 12 [in our case] walls are crossed. But a continuous line has only two ends, so the puzzle is insoluble.>>

At the same time there are some interesting ideas about how such puzzle can be solved in an out-of-the-box approach. Some of them are presented in Item #161.
Posted: November 1, 2007
Soma Cube - Millennium Puzzle
162  Soma Cube

Answer: We've gathered some interesting information about the puzzle in a special Soma Cube page

Also, Thorleif's SOMA Page, a comprehensive resource on Soma cube puzzle, contains a special "Where to buy SOMA's" section.
Posted: July 31, 2007
161  Ideas on Walls & Lines
Comment: The well-known Walls & Lines puzzle is a rectangular figure consisting of five rooms. The object is to draw a continuous line through the rooms crossing over each wall only once (please, see Item #032). A straightforward proof clearly illustrates the puzzle is insoluble. But like with any other similar "impossible" puzzles there are always attempts to overcome the rules somehow and find a kind of out-of-the-box solution. From time to time we receive innovative points of view about this puzzle and how it can be solved in a non-standard way. Some of these ideas are presented below.

Answer: here ya go.

ph 17

Answer: If accepted, the approach shown above can be considered one of the most ingenious so far regarding the possible solutions to the puzzle.

Idea: Just an observation you or your visitors may appreciate.

there is a logic problem that goes like this: draw a square, divide in half horizontally, divide the top half in to two equal parts with a vertical line, then divide the bottom portion into 3 equal portions with 2 vertical lines.

the task is to draw a continues line through all lines without ever crossing your own line or crossing any line two times. The problem is presented on this sight. Now according to conventional logic this problem seems impossible because line always needs an entry and exit but there are an odd number of spaces and an odd number of segments in three of them.

The real difficulty here is that an assumption is made, creating an unwritten rule. This unwritten rule, this self imposed limitation forces the problem solver to focus on the problem, NOT THE SOLUTION. By recognizing the problem (NOT FOCUSING ON IT) - a long line cannot enter and leave each space enough times without making an illegal crossing- we can find the solution. The solution is this: use a very wide marker of brush and cross the entire box in one diagonal line. All stated conditions are met, the problem is circumvented and the solution is found. Clearly this is not the intended answer, but it is indisputable.
For more information on the puzzle, please visit Item #032.
Posted: July 31, 2007
160  A Matchstick Puzzle: 9 squares to 3
160  A Matchstick Puzzle: 9 squares to 3
Question: We need to help a young man in the classroom solve this puzzle for math class.
A square is divided into 9 equal squares. He must remove 6 lines to get 3 squares. We are stumped.
Thank you
Deb B.

Answer: The puzzle sounds like one of the "remove" matchstick puzzles. This message has inspired us to include the problem into our Puzzle Playground sector. You can find it here. Thank you!
Posted: July 8, 2007
159  Unicursal Patterns - More
159  Unicursal Patterns - More
Question: Hi, i am a new user of this site, i dont know if this is the place if questions about puzzles are solve, but i'll give it a try, this is probably a old puzzle, attachment is a picture showing 2 diagram, the puzzle is about drawing fig .1 continuously without going through the same line or lifting the pencil, it is easy enough to do, but fig 2 is a harder version which i havent solved yet, is this puzzle possible to solve? i heard that someone had done it. Thankyou.
Charles L.

Answer: Unfortunately the second pattern is impossible to draw. More explanations can be found in items #51 and #86. The theory explaining which patterns can be drawn in one continuous line and which can't, is at the solution page to The Unicursal Marathon puzzle.
Modified: May 29, 2007
Posted: May 27, 2007
158  Language Equations: Several More
158  Language Equations: Several More
Question: Please help with the following puzzles. Here are some examples with answers.

11 = P on a F T (answer) 11 players on a football team
29 = D in F in a L Y (answer) 29 days in February in a leap year
64 = S on a C B (answer) 64 squares on a checker board

Need help with the following.

200 = D for P G in M
8 = S on a S S
3 = B M ( S H T R)
1,000 = W that a P is W
15 = M on a D M C

Thank you
Irene G.

Answer: The solutions to all the five language equations can be found here.
Posted: May 27, 2007
157  Puzzles by BePuzzled
157  Puzzles by BePuzzled
Question: I have lost the Bepuzzled Times newspaper that originally came with this puzzle. Can you replace it for me? or send a copy via email?


Harriet Scott

I have a 2nd hand "raining cats and dogs" puzzle which I am finding difficult to do. The front of the box was destroyed and I have no idea of what the picture should be. Can you help with a picture of the finished puzzle.
Pat P.

Answer: Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with BePuzzled in any way. BePuzzled was originally founded by Lombard Marketing, Inc.

University Games acquired BePuzzled in February 1999. University Games can be visited online at www.universitygames.com. Their contact information can also be found there.

The related Item - #118.
Modified: July 31, 2007
Posted: May 27, 2007
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