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012  Pencil Illusion
011  Jigsaw Puzzles
010  Making Crossword Puzzles
009  Crosswords at Puzzles.COM
008  Summertime - Puzzletime
007  Dinosaur vs. Dragon
006  Man Walking Home - MC1
005  The H Puzzle
004  Having Trouble
003  Magic Proportions
002  The Six Pennies
001  Collating the Coins
012  Pencil Illusion
Question: Pencil Illusion... This was cool. I showed it to my family and they liked it a lot. By the way how can I do this with real pencils?

Answer: Pencil Illusion is just a cool modern illusion you can play on the screen, and it can't be performed with real pencils.
A Ceaco Jigsaw
011  Jigsaw Puzzles
For publications about jigsaw puzzles and their history contact Anne Williams, email: puzzles@bates.edu.

Question: I need help on a jigsaw puzzle. What's the best way to start one?

Answer: We describe just an approximate way suitable for solving of most popular, "standard" rectangle jigsaw puzzles. With some corrections it may be easy extended for almost all kinds of jigsaw puzzles, however.

A "standard" classic jigsaw puzzle is a rectangle picture cut into some number of pieces - figure that has four straight edges with the straight corners between the respective neighboring edges. All this means there are a good portion of the pieces in the entire set which have one or two straight sides. Those of them that have only one straight side should form edges of the puzzle, and those that have two straight sides (with 90 degree corner between them) should belong to its corners. As far as rectangle has four straight corners, there should be exactly four pieces with the two straight sides. Find them in the set! There should not be any significant problems to do it. Of course, they won't tell you their respective positions, but now you know they will make the corners of you picture. 

The number of the pieces with only one straight side depends on the puzzle's sizes and a total number of pieces. Separate all such pieces from the rest of the set. These pieces together with the four corner ones should form a rectangle frame. Apparently, every straight side of such a piece has to belong to the picture's edges. What means that only these pieces have access to the edges of the picture - all the remaining pieces will have their places within this frame. Thus your aim on this stage is to create this frame. Patterns and the outlines of the pieces you selected for the frame should help you in this task. 

After the frame is completed, its inner outline and a part of the entire pattern that this frame contains, should help you to add several extra pieces to the picture aiming to form the next one-piece frame within a first frame, and so get a new, wider frame with a rectangle outline.

Repeating this process based on logic, patterns, outlines and intuition you finally will be successful with the entire puzzle.

Often while solving jigsaw puzzle you can discover pieces that definitely fit one with another, though you still don't know how and where they should fit into the whole picture. It's very useful to connect such pieces together and keep them separately as some kind of "bigger pieces". Once you find where such "bigger pieces" should go in the picture, you simply put them there.
Question: I just recently joined Puzzles.com and I was wondering if there was any jigsaw puzzles that could be put together for fun on this site. Thank you.

Answer: Currently we have no classic kind of jigsaw puzzles at our site. But we have our plans to present some cool sites about jigsaw puzzles, and, perhaps, some jigsaw puzzles as well.
Question: you should have more puzzles like jigsaw puzzles!!! well gtg c-ya l8r!!!

Answer: Our site is dedicated more to other types of puzzles than jigsaws. At the same time we provide some links to other jigsaw resources on the Web from our site. You can find a collection of such items at Puzzle Help Direct Links page - in the "Jigsaws" subsection.
Modified: March 16, 2006
010  Making Crossword Puzzles
Question: Where can you construct and make your own crossword puzzle?

Question: where can i make a puzzle, preferably a crossword

Question: hi is there a way that i could make cross word puzzles?

Question: Hi I was given an Assignment to creat my own crossword puzzle for my history class and I was just wondering if if you knew of any place I could go where I could creat my own. Thank you so much for your time!!

Question: Do you know where I can find a website where I can make my own crossword puzzles or wordsearches?

Question: I need help I am trying to make a crossword puzzle.

Question: i need to know how to get to your crossword section cus i need to make a crossword puzzle quick 

Question: Dear puzzle person,
I can't figure out how to make my own crossword puzzle!!!!! 

Question: What sites are there for making crossword puzzles
Robert A.

Question: Is there somewhere online that you can make your own wordsearch puzzles?

Question: ... we are looking for a crossword puzzles template of some sort... is there any help you could give me in how to go about getting this information.
Jill C.

Question: I have been doing crossword puzzles for a long time and have decided that I want to try creating some. I am looking for information, tips, suggestions or a website on "How to Make a Crossword Puzzle"

Can you point me in the right direction. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Answer: At the edHelper.com educational site 
(http://www.edhelper.com/) you can create your own word search puzzles, crosswords, math crossnumbers, word spelling or sequence puzzles.

Answer: An elaborate puzzlemaker software to make educational, professional, and interactive crossword puzzles see at: http://www.x-word.com/.

Almost everything about crossword puzzles including a comprehensive list of useful links may be found at: 

Also you may take a look at the site http://www.puzzlemaker.com/ which proposes some great possibilities to make different puzzles with words.

See also Item 030 at this section.
009  Crosswords at Puzzles.COM
Question: help now i need to know how to get to your crossword section 

Question: Do you have puzzles that have find a word that deal with TV and Video terms? Also crosswords that have those words.
Phyllis S.

Question: I am a new 4th grade teacher, entering my first year of teaching. I was told that we could go to your site and somehow enter spelling lists and so on and you would make up crosswords, wordfinds, etc. that would include my list. Is that possible? If not, is there such a site that you know of? I love the idea of using puzzles in my classroom. I am a great puzzle fan! Any ideas? Thanks,

Question: Do you have any type of puzzle that I give you the words and you make the puzzle? thanks

Question: Do you have crosswords

Question: ...i love your website. but i think that u guys should research or just ask kid what their fav. cartoon is then have like a crossword puzzle for that cartoon. like all on that show. exp: what was the rugrats tommy's last name? then they'll fill it inb. pleaze take this into concideration and i hope 2 see a croosword cartoon puzlle soon 

Question: Do yall have any ways to do crossword puzzles on this web site?
Jami P.

Answer: Your questions and suggestions about crossword puzzles are great, but at this stage we neither have nor can do puzzles of this kind at Puzzles.COM. On the other hand, we have a growing selection of cool links to great sites with crosswords and other word puzzles on the Web at our Puzzle Links sector [former PuzzleUp] - Word Play section.

Also we guess that the information given in our Item 010 may be very helpful for some of you.
008  Summertime - Puzzletime
Text: hey guys, I think your website is wonderful and it keeps me busy in the summer !!!!!!! Thanks lots!!!!
George C.

Answer: We at Puzzles.COM are extremely pleased to hear that you like our site so much! Thanks, George!
007  Dinosaur vs. Dragon
Question: My friend printed a dinosaur from your website. She cut and assemble the dino and when you move your head from side to side, the dino will seem to be moving. Can i have the exact URL? Thanks! 

Answer: We suppose that your friend printed the Dragon Optical Illusion from this page.
Mini-Contest 1 - Finished
006  Man Walking Home - MC1
Question: A man leaves office daily at 7pm. A driver with car comes from his home to pick him from office and bring back home. 
One day he gets free at 5:30 and instead of waiting for driver he starts walking towards home. In the way he meets the car and returns home on car. He reaches home 20 minutes earlier than usual.
In how much time does the man reach home usually??

Mini-Contest 1 is Finished
We put Jilsy's challenge in our Puzzle Help section to see if somebody of our visitors will know the solution to it, and we even made it as our first mini-contest. Now we'd like propose this contest's results, and with this our first mini-contest is finished.

Contest Results
We got just two answers: 
1. The person comes home at 9:30 pm. 
2. The man reaches home at 7:00 because the car would have been on its way before seven to get him and it meets him half way. (This statement that the car meets the man half way isn't correct - please note that the description to the puzzle just says: "In the way he meets the car and returns home on car.")

Anyway, as you may have noticed this is a very stubborn puzzle, and it really is!!

Actually this task about the man-walking-home hasn't just one solution but many! We can't calculate exactly when the man reaches his home usually; it depends on how far from his home he's working. Theoretically it doesn't depend even on the car's speed. The only thing we may calculate exactly is that the man meets his driver at 6:50 pm. Why? That's because that day the man reached home 20 minutes earlier, thus the car was on its way 10 minutes lesser toward the office and 10 minutes lesser back home, and therefore picked up the man 10 minutes before 7pm.

There is a number of different solutions with different variations of speeds (of the man and his car) and distances from the office to the man's home. Of course, we may find some more or less realistic solutions, but just when we take some exact value for the man speeds at least.

And finally we would like to say that our winners for this very unusual puzzle with the ambiguous solution are the visitors who sent in both mentioned answers. Unfortunately, they didn't give their names, so we show just the left parts of their e-mail addresses:
1. Imhungryplzfeed.
2. vze2vg5x.
The H Puzzle
005  The H Puzzle
Question: Looked at the M puzzle and the T puzzle. Do you know where I can find an H puzzle? 
Louise G.

Answer: Please see here.
004  Having Trouble
Question: I Have been working on this problem for many years.you have three houses and three wells. Each house owns a well, one is water, one is gas, and one is electricity. X's represents House, and O;s Represents wells.

X  X  X


you need to connect a path from each house to a well, but you cannot cross, go under, or over any other paths. I Have tried many varitions of repositioning houses and wells cannot get the last path from a house to a well, without crossing another path. can you please help. Thanks Steve

I have 3 houses that need to be connected to 3 utility companies:

House1     House2     House3

Gas          Water       Electric

Can 9 lines be drawn to connect each house with each utility without crossing the lines?

James C.

So what you are saying is that there is no way to connect the three top dots to the three bottom dots without crossing the lines.

The puzzle is as follows:
.      .      .

.      .      .

You have six dots, three on top and three on the bottom. Each top dot must have a line to each of the three bottom dots (nine total lines). No two lines can touch one another.

I read your answers and it appears to me that this is impossible. Am I correct in my assumption? Thank you in advance
Albert B.

Yes, your assumption is correct. Until you are not using any special tricks with it the puzzle is not possible to solve.

there are two horizontal lines with three dots in them each. You must connect each top dot with all three bottom dots without overlapping or intersecting lines. HELP
Gloria L.

Question: Our daughter brought home a puzzle that has stumped us all. It is: Gas, water and electric lines must be connected from three sources to three houses, but none of the lines may cross any other line. Arrange the lines so that each of the three houses is connected to each of the three sources without any line crossing another.

This may be a classic "can't be done" or simply beyond our ken. Your help would be appreciated.
John R.

Question: Here is a puzzle my son brought home and we have not been able to solve. It is a two dimensional puzzle, drawn on a piece of paper. 

Align 3 triangles over 3 circles.
Connect each of the triangle to each of the circles.
Do not cross any lines.
Do not fold the paper.
Stay on one side of the paper.
Do not intersect any of the circles.
Do not rearrange the shapes.

Have you seen this puzzle solved?
Gary A.

3 Circles & 3 Triangles Puzzle
Question: I saw this puzzle as a boy and i thought for sure there was a solution but I'm having my doubts now.

The story goes like this: You are a contractor and have just finished building three new homes. Your problem is that you have to get water(W), gas(G) and electric(E) to each house. You do this by drawing a line from each lettered box to each house. You, of course, cannot cross any lines. Is there a solution to this? 

Thank you
Nate S.

Contractor Problem
Question: i need help on this one puzzle it is so hard..... okay..... you have 3 squares and 3 circles and you have to drawn a line from each circle to each square without overlaping them and you cant put the squares in the circles or the circles in the sqaures please help me thank you 
Ashley L.
Question: A friend of mind showed me a game and it consists of 
Gas           Water           Light
now under each word will be a house. So all in total will be 3 houses. now I have yo connect each utility to each house but you can't crises cross the lines it's confusing.

Answer: All these puzzles are, in fact, just different versions of a very popular old puzzle similar to The Quarrelsome Neighbors, but unlike Loyd's puzzle it hasn't the solution. To solve it you have to make nine connections from squares to circles (or from the utilities to the houses). Practically, the best result you may get is only eight proper connections.

Reply: Dear puzzle ponderers:
I have come up with a possible (viable) solution to the old puzzle about connecting up three houses with GAS, ELECTRICITY AND WATER. The answer lies in how the puzzle is worded. The instructions given are that in connecting the houses, no two lines can cross. Well, as water and gas are PIPES and ELECTRICITY is the only line....where is the problem?
Ian (Mexico)
Modified: February 5, 2007
003  Magic Proportions
Question: I don't understand how to play "Magic Proportions".
Thu T.

Answer: In fact, the Magic Proportions puzzle is a kind of a magic square, but with a difference. In a standard magic square you have to get the same sums in every row, column and each of the two main diagonals. In the Magic Proportions puzzle you have to get different sums in rows and columns. And these sums for the first, second and third rows have to be in proportion 1:2:3. At the same time sums in the first, second and third columns have to be in the same proportion 1:2:3 too. 

We provided this puzzle with a special Flash grid which allows to put ANY of the nine numbers from 0 through 8 in ANY cell of the grid. Just click any cell of the grid and you will see some number in it. Click at the cell until some number you want to place in this cell finally appears. 

But you may use a simple 3x3 grid on the paper, and fill in its cells with nine different numbers 0 through 8, using every of them just once, and getting the 1:2:3 proportions for its rows and columns.
Question: Where can I find the solution to the Magic Proportions puzzle?
Rhonda M.

Answer: Please see here.
The Six Pennies
002  The Six Pennies
Question: I'm emailing you about The Six Pennies Puzzle. The solution you have on your web page is not the most efficient one. It only takes two moves, not three. The solution is as follows.
Daniel B.

Question: It can be done in just 2 moves all the requirements remaining the same....
Anamika A.

Answer: Unfortunately, such a solution in two moves is wrong. Please note that the description to the puzzle says: "A move consists of sliding one coin to a new position, where the moved coin has to touch two other coins." In the solution with just two moves it's impossible to slide (!) coin 5 between coins 3 and 6 without moving at least one of them; the gap between coins 3 and 6 is too small for coin 5.
Collating the Coins
001  Collating the Coins
Question: Hi, i just thought i'd let you know that my friend taught me this puzzle and it can actually be solved in three moves, rather than four. rather than try to explain, i've attached a document with the solution as pictures.

by the way i love your puzzles! they give me hours of amusement, thanks.

Answer: Unfortunately your solution is wrong in its third move, because you move two coins of the same size. Please note that the description to the puzzle says: "A move consists of placing the tips of the first and second fingers on any two touching coins, always of the different sizes, then..."
Question: On your Collating The Coins puzzle, move number three would involve having to switch the left coin to the right and the right coin to the left - according to the diagram - which is against the rules. The puzzle can be solved in four moves, but not like that.

Answer: Actually the 3rd move is correct there. The coins in the pair are not switched while moving - orange one remains left, while grey one remains right. The arrow showing the move points into the middle of the pair, not to its side. Moreover the mutual positions of other coins are kept. Thus, the move is correct.
Question: I believe you can solve this puzzle in three moves. Step 1: Move the third and fourth coins to the left of the first coin. Step 2: Move the second and third coins to the right of the fourth coin. Step 3: Move the last two coins to the second and third positions. Done. 

Answer: Unfortunately, your solution is wrong in its third move, because you move two coins of the same size. Please note that the description to the puzzle says: "A move consists of placing the tips of the first and second fingers on any two touching coins, always of the different sizes, then..."
Modified: June 22, 2006
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