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084  Serpentine Lines - MC24
083  Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles
082  Twins - MC23
081  Clef Hanger
080  Solving Anagrams
079  Move the Train - MC22
078  Elephant SpinOut®
077  Making Jigsaw Puzzles
076  Train Puzzles
075  Red, White, and Blue Balls - MC21
074  Language Equations
073  TurnStile®
Serpentine Lines
Mini-Contest 24 - Finished
084  Serpentine Lines - MC24
Our third Mini-Contest with the PuzzleCLUB sector. Simultaneously, the names of the solvers of the puzzle are presented here at the Puzzle Help sector too.

Mini-Contest 24 is Finished
Finally, we can propose this contest's results and some details about the solution. With this Mini-Contest 24 is finished. And, with our deep regret, we must say that it was our last Mini-Contest in this series. Let's hope one day we can continue them.

It was our twenty-fourth Mini-Contest. We were planning to finish it at the end of year 2002, but because of some technical and other reasons it had to remain without our touch for long six months. We apologize for this, and appreciate your patience.

Because of the specific situation with this Mini-Contest we've decided to add to the winners' list also those solvers' names who sent the right answers after the deadline. We hope every winner can accept this little exception, and we're grateful to you for your understanding.

It was our third Mini-Contest with the PuzzleCLUB sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. Again we have the site's record in the right answers to our Mini-Contests. We thank you for this, and at the moment we'd like to say: "Stick With Us! Keep Puzzling!"

Contest Results
The winners are:
1. Angela Birkenhead.
2. Laura Hawley.
3. Ronald Yeh.
4. Chip Johnson.
5. Sean Egan.
6. Jensen Lai.
7. Craig A. Cyburt.
8. Horst Karaschewski.
9. William Arrowsmith.
10. Brett Bakner.
11. Sandee Cogan.
12. Jason Adkins.
13. Stephen Fineman.
14. Marivic Estabillo.
15. Joseph Phipps.
16. Nadir Babiker.
17. Aanchal Gupta.
18. Ms. Cuuute.
19. Scott T.
20. Mary Munoz.
21. Cris Johnson.
22. Leo MacWilliam.
23. Shannon Tibbs.
24. Shrilatha Acharya.
25. Shimona Carvalho.
26. Paula Rankine.
27. Mary Leners.
28. David Noel-Davies.
29. Jackie.
30. Clint Weaver.
31. Rich Jarman.
32. Tony.
33. Tracie Donovan.
34. Jenny Guo.
35. Russell McCloud.
36. Sally G. Bowen.
37. Cassy Dalzell.
38. Dave Harmon.
39. Tim Seymour.
40. Rachel Bateman.
41. Robert Moric.
42. Heshy Y. Roskes.
43. Ian Pedder.
44. Jason Meyers.
45. Julia.
46. Rebecca Mutch.
47. Denis Austin.
48. Erin McGrath.
49. Praveen Jain.
50. Adam Davies.
51. Rayoly.
52. Mimi D.
53. J. MacDonald Ruffeno.
54. Eric Monteith.
55. Sri Teja Basava.
56. Dion North, Andrew North, and Ashley North.
57. Shashidhar Reddy.
58. Matthew Pittaway.
59. Stacey Greene.
60. Vladut.
61. Sofia Maldonado.
62. Ceraj2.
63. Nicole Takahashi.
64. Hemanth Boguda.
65. Anna Khomyakova.
66. Mikael Schönning.
67. Clancinah Baloyi.
68. RTLarkins.
69. Brittany M.
70. Shane.
71. Cheryl Falkner.
72. Ashish A.
73. Mary Clacherty.
74. Cheryl Falkner
75. Maud.
76. Nicole Arjoon.
77. Nýlüfer Karabakal.
78. Janis Hall.
79. Anne Nelson.
80. Elaine O'Hara.
81. Andrew.
82. Beth Connor.
83. Kimberley Baker.
84. Amy Warren.
85. RainWhisper7.
86. Ehab Nabil Karam.
87. Alan Lemm.
88. Shule Bulbul.
89. Pizzatruck.
90. Nupur Pallavi.
91. Jhlu.
92. Rebecca.
93. Maria Hurtado.
94. Audrey Weatherington.
95. Jennifer Crochet.
96. Will Leslie.
97. Rhys Bowden.
98. M. Lakshmana Gandh.
99. Yen Sing.
100. Melissa Austin.
101. MrEkitten.
102. Roland Vyncke.
103. Hong Ting and Tsun Ting.
104. Priya Narasimhan.
105. Mohd Aizal.
106. Sean Myers.
107. Daniel Fretwell.
108. Khem Raj.
109. Krishna Kumar.
110. Joseph Thomas.
111. Carlton Henderson.
112. Joseph Peter Bolas.
113. Alan O'Donnell.
114. Girish Keswani.
115. Bob Morse.
116. Chris Freckleton.
Modified: June 23, 2003
083  Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles
Question: I've been in Hallmark greeting card stores and seen/purchased numerous puzzles made by Springbok. However, I cannot locate these puzzles anywhere online where they might be available for purchase. These puzzles have always been of very good quality with large pieces (even in their 1500+ piece puzzles). Can you help me find these puzzles online - I have seemingly looked everywhere!!
John C.

Answer: There are some great places at the Web about famous Springbok jigsaw puzzles. 

Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles. One of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to Springbok jigsaw puzzles with a lot of very valuable info on the matter.

We Love Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles! A great site about Springbok jigsaws. At the bottom of its main page look for the link titled "Where to look for old Springboks." There you can read some great advice how to find and buy some of these famous jigsaw puzzles.

There are two great places to buy old (used) Springbok puzzles. These are:

eBay. Use a "search" window to get to pages under the "jigsaw" category. 

Nancy Ballhagen's Puzzle Store. There look for the USED Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle page.

Puzzlehistory.com. You can try to find some Springbok jigsaw puzzles at this site; there look for Puzzles for Sale.
Mini-Contest 23 - Finished
082  Twins - MC23
Our second Mini-Contest with the PuzzleCLUB sector. Simultaneously, the names of the solvers of the puzzle are presented here at the Puzzle Help sector too.

Mini-Contest 23 is Finished
It was our twenty-third Mini-Contest. Now we'd like to propose this contest's results and some details about the solution. With this Mini-Contest 23 is finished.

It was our second Mini-Contest with the PuzzleCLUB sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. We thank you for this, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

Contest Results
The winners are:
1. David Ring.
2. Horst Karaschewski.
3. Jensen Lai.
4. Ron Fuller.
5. Patrick.
6. Kris Kubitz.
7. Alain.
8. Doug Butler.
9. Kevin Williams.
10. Jyoti Behura.
11. Peter j.
081  Clef Hanger
Question: I would like to know if you have the solution to a metal puzzle called Clef Hanger? I can not figure it out. 
Thank You

Answer: The solution to the Clef Hanger puzzle by Tucker-Jones House, Inc - from their Tavern Puzzle® Collection - can be found at their site; see here.
080  Solving Anagrams
Question: Do you know of a web site that will solve anagrams?
Larry S.

Answer: As we know, the best place to make anagrams (and solve 'em as well!) is the Internet Anagram Server at the Wordsmith.Org site.

Their device is intended to making anagrams from any entered words or letter combinations, including creating lists of possible anagrammed words. Additionally we recommend to use some special options at their Advanced page.
Move the Train
Mini-Contest 22 - Finished
079  Move the Train - MC22
Question: A train engine that was pulling over a hundred cars loaded with freight came to a stop at a junction. The engine detached and a new train engine backed up and coupled onto the long line of freight cars. The new engine then tried to move forward. It tried several times, using full throttle, but was unable to budge the long line of heavy freight cars. The engineer put the train into reverse, backed up a few feet, and then tried to move forward. The train then moved down the track, pulling the long line of freight cars behind it without any problem. Why?
Robin D. B.

Mini-Contest 22 is Finished
It was our twenty-second Mini-Contest. Now we'd like to propose this contest's results and the solution to this great puzzle. With this Mini-Contest 22 is finished.

We thank you for your participation, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

Contest Results
The winners are:
1. Bryan Feir.
2. Geoffrey Mayne.
3. RockyABQ.
4. Jim Haines.
5. Michele Ely.
Line 'Em Up! Move 'Em Out!
078  Elephant SpinOut®
Question: Hi, looked in your site hoping to find the solution for the elephant spin out (slide out) puzzle to no avail. Would you please point me at the right direction for the solution? thanks.
Jake T.

Answer: We have a comprehensive Elephant SpinOut® section that can be found at our Projects sector, its Products section. At the bottom of that page just click the Solution Elephant in the Elephant chain. You will go to the Solution page where you'll find both the Javascript solution and the link to the printable solution for Elephant SpinOut®.
Modified: June 23, 2003
077  Making Jigsaw Puzzles
Question: Do you know where i can send in a photo of my children and have a puzzle made from the photo? Thanks so much. 
Question: Hi there, I am looking for a 1000-1500 piece sunflower puzzle. Where can I find one - thanks. 
Laresa P.

Answer: Actually we don't have jigsaw puzzles on our site. We could recommend you to visit www.jigzone.com.
Question: Do you know where i can send in a photo of my children and have a puzzle made from the photo? Thanks so much. 

Answer: There are several great places on the Web to order your personalized jigsaw puzzles.

First, this is already mentioned above www.jigzone.com. Specifically their Custom Jigsaw Service Page.

Photo Puzzles - Phuzzles™. They create high-quality personalized jigsaw puzzles from your favorite personal photographs, artwork, or company logos. They offer 5 different Phuzzles™ for children and adults to enjoy. Their puzzles "...take only 2 days to manufacture and 3-4 days for shipping..."

Joslin Photo Puzzle Company. Manufacturing photo and custom jigsaw puzzles from your photos, children's drawings or anything printed on paper is their specialty. Their jigsaws are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and amount of pieces. They even propose Imprintable Do-It-Yourself Iron-On Jigsaw Puzzle Kits (including Precut Blank Heat Transfer Jigsaw Puzzles) that allows you create your own Photo Jigsaw Puzzles at your home.

They have a new division Photos-2-Puzzles. There your favorite photos can be turned into a glossy jigsaw on cardboard.

MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles & Fine Art. Since 1995 this is a maker of hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles from personalized photographs, different art prints, maps, logos and digital images, including Christmas Holiday jigsaws. Every puzzle is a one-of-a-kind and can have from 12 to 2,000+ pieces.

Jardin Puzzles. These are makers of unique, personalized, heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles both unique and enjoyable. Each puzzle is a unique hand cut from art prints, posters, photographs, pictures from calendars, greeting cards and even books and magazines. Their puzzles "...are geared primarily for adult puzzle enthusiasts and collectors, but can be adapted for older children too..."

All these sites also propose a huge variety of samples - including available shapes of puzzle pieces and puzzles themselves - in their puzzle galleries.
Modified: June 23, 2006
076  Train Puzzles
Question: I am a grandmother of a four year old and found a five/six foot long train puzzle in a store in MA . I neglected to purchase it and now I want to get it but am back in FL ( where I live ) and cannot find such a puzzle anywhere. Do you have something like this or know where I can order one..? Thank you for your help!!
G. J.

Question: I am looking for puzzles... sold in malls around Christmas. They are plastic with a "track" of some kind to put together (10 pieces or so) and a 3 inch high battery-operated toy that goes around the track. The one that my child received is the train puzzle. You put together the train pieces so the tracks make sense, then you use the battery-op. train to go around the track and delight everyone for MILES!!

We traveled with this puzzle in a plastic bag when we took our kids to Vietnam and we have many requests for them. I can't find them anywhere and it is NOT close to Christmas. I want to buy many of them. I remember looking at the box. One was a farm with a rabbit to go around it, etc. It seems that there was about 20 different kinds... but the train one is so very cool... Can you help??? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Answer: There are several different versions of the Train Puzzle. Actually this puzzle is from the line of the Puzzle Vehicles toys which are produced in a great variety of different themes such as Sports Cars, City Landscapes and Vehicles, Trains, Animals, Space Ships, Golf, etc.

We know a few nice places on the Web to purchase these beautiful (and inexpensive) puzzles - Vehicle Puzzle Sets - providing hours of fun for kids. Their vehicles are funny, and their inter-changeable puzzle track pieces can form many different layouts.

At the Puzzle Toy site they have many great puzzle sets with different themes to choose from.

The Incredible Gifts site proposes Battery Operated Vehicle Puzzle Play Set that comes "...assorted styles including, police car, train, fire engine, and planes..."

Wacky Planet sells Puzzle Car Toy Sets. There are nine different configurations of themed tracks which can make one larger set.

Becca's Workshop sells PEL® Toys including Puzzle Trains.
Red, White, and Blue Balls
Mini-Contest 21 - Finished
075  Red, White, and Blue Balls - MC21
Our fourth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector. Simultaneously, the names of the solvers of the puzzle are presented here at the Puzzle Help sector too.

Mini-Contest 21 is Finished
It was our twenty-first Mini-Contest. Now we'd like to propose this contest's results and some details about the solution. With this Mini-Contest 21 is finished.

It was our fourth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. We thank you for this, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

Contest Results
The winners are:
1. Renjith.J.
2. Kiruthika K.
3. Tim Sanders.
4. Jensen Lai.
5. Jon Black.
6. Glenton Jelbert.
7. Alex Packard.
8. Du'c Hoang.
9. Marcus Dunstan.
10. David Low.
11. Bryan Feir. 
12. Megha Rashmi.
13. Eric Yeh.
14. David T. Oddy.
15. John F.
16. Patrick Carpenter.
17. Bill Costello.
18. James Higgs.
19. Colg.
20. Dustin Cook.
21. Gregory Clayborne.
22. Don Glasscock.
23. Alan Lemm.
24. Caitlin McLeod.
25. RobRuw.
26. Tommy Tang.
27. Anita Weir. 
28. Phil Brown.
29. Roland Vyncke.
30. Rob Farley.
31. Shashi.
32. Murthy.
33. Leonor Gonçalves.
34. Gary Hvizdak.
35. Prasath P.
36. Geoffrey Mayne.
37. Sadaf Fardeen.
38. B.P.Roopa.
39. William M. Shubert.
40. Srikanth Tanikella.
074  Language Equations
Question: Could you please tell me what you call a puzzle were

5 G R means five gold rings
365 d in a y means 365 days in a year

David M.

Answer: Please, read the last answer of this item.
Question: Hello,
Please can you help me with this language equation.......


Any ideas..........
Many thanks
Michael & Valerie

Answer: We guess your language equation could be a part of a little bit bigger one, i.e. 13 = S. on the A. F. which in turn stands for "13 Stripes on the American flag." We hope this could be what you are looking for.

Reply: Thanks for your reply but it turns out to be 13 Ampere Fuse! Regards
Question: I was given a list of questions and the purpose is to find out what they are. For exempt 3 BM [SHTR] means 3 Blind Mice [See How They Run]. Can you tell me what these puzzles are called and where I can find them. I have a few that are really stumping me:

3 W on a T
100 C in a R
13 - UFS
9 P in SA
6 B to an O in C

I would ultimately like to find out what the answers are but I'm going to try solving them myself... but I'd like to know what you call this type of puzzle so that I can get more of them.
Deborah C.

Answer: These puzzles are called "Language Equations," and originally they were printed by Will Shortz in the May-June 1981 issue of Games magazine with an acknowledgement to Morgan Worthy.

A big collection of these puzzles is presented at the Rec-puzzles.org website.

Also you can find them at the Creativepuzzles website.
Modified: September 3, 2006
073  TurnStile®
Question: I got last year a Brain Scramble Puzzle "TurnStile" could you give me a hint how to solve it? Thank you 
Ursula R.

Question: I have a puzzle that is called a turnstile. I keep getting parts of it but I have to mess it up to get the other parts. Can you help me?
Bill R. S.

Answer: How to solve the TurnStile® puzzle you can see at Jaap's Puzzle Page with this puzzle. Also we're going to launch a renewed section devoted to TurnStile® at our site soon.
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