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The Knossos Labyrinth
by Serhiy Grabarchuk

They say, if a labyrinth has the only enter - it's a trap! We suppose this was said about the legendary Labyrinth from Knossos. It was built by the famous ancient master Daedalus, and really had just one enter on its periphery; its corridors - long and winding - led everybody just to its center.

Also they say, the Knossos Labyrinth was the very place where Theseus has killed the Minotaur. The legend also tells the story about Ariadne and her wonderful clew of thread that helped Theseus to find his way out of the Labyrinth.

Well, it's a nice legend...

Now imagine that you are an architect and you have to restore the legendary Labyrinth from Knossos having its plan divided into several fragments; they are scattered around the yellow square site above. 

What is the challenge? Place all the eight fragments within the yellow square 4x4 without gaps and overlapping in such a way that they form a labyrinth with the only enter on its periphery. A yellow path has to run from the enter through the labyrinth directly to its central point (it's marked with the big red spot - Ariadne's clew - in the center). The little red spots on the yellow square 4x4 help you to see how the square is divided into single cells 1x1. And remember - the Minotaur never sleeps...

Move the pieces dragging them, rotate the pieces clicking them.
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March 29, 2004

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