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There are two similar challenges for this puzzle.

The first challenge is to superimpose some number of octagonal shapes with the silhouettes in them into one pile so that the silhouette of a rabbit appears. The shape of the resulted silhouette is shown as the Red rabbit in the upper left corner of the scene.

The second challenge is almost the same as the first one, except that there is some other number of the octagonal shapes which has to be employed and the resulted silhouette should be as that one indicated by the Green rabbit.

To get a Congratulation message with the respective password you have to complete both silhouettes, one by one in one session. Please, note that for each challenge the resulted rabbit's silhouette must be oriented exactly as it is indicated by the respective rabbit.

To include a octagonal shape into the pile, simply click it. To withdraw it from the pile, click it again. To rotate a piece click one of the two respective arrows available for each piece. The two arrows provided for the entire pile rotate all the pieces included into the pile at once.

Use the Restart button each time you want to return to the initial position.


Mini-Contest 27 - Silhouettes is FINISHED

This was our 27th Mini-Contest.

Now this Mini-Contest is finished. Initially the contest's deadline was set on October 30, 2004. That means all correct answers received by October 30 (inclusive) will included into the winners' list.

Contest Results

It was our fifth Mini-Contest with the PuzzlePLAYGROUND sector, and you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. We've got over three hundred incoming messages. Excluding duplicates we've got totally 240 winners. The first 12 winners (in Chronological order) are listed below. To see the full Winners' list you can visit either its Chronological version, or Alphabetical one.

We thank you all for your participation, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

The first 12 winners are:
1   Priti Khatwani
2   Jaylene Sheen
3   Shauna Thomas
4   Daniel Fretwell
5   airdaveb
6   Jay La Roche
7   Tom Eddy
8   Zoe Milling
9   Fahad Al-Mofadda
10   Jen Numadate
11   Erlend Hansen
12   Adam Vangsness

See full Winners' List >

Last Updated: July 14, 2008  |  Posted: November 5, 2004
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