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First get some practice how to perform this cool trick with our printable version of the postcard.

We've prepared both a blank rectangle in size similar to a postcard, and the same rectangle with the appropriate lines to cut along. The cards can be found in the Print 'n' Play PDF version of this trick. First print the cards and then cut them out.

Now follow the next steps to get the required hole in the postcard.

Step 1. First, we need to make a cut along the line shown on the card in Figure 1. For this fold the postcard along the line in half, and with a pair of scissors cut through the line stopping about a quarter of an inch (approx 6 mm) from each edge.

Step 2. Now make a number of the alternate cuts as shown in Figure 2. The entire pattern of the cuts is shown in the printable version of the rectangle.

Step 3. Gently open the card; if everything is performed right, you'll see the pattern shown in Figure 3. 

Step 4. Open it out still further, until it will form an endless strip of such a size as to pass easily over a person's body. 

Make the first try at the rectangle with the lines that show you how to make the cuts. Then take the other, blank, rectangle, and try to repeat all the steps. Practice until you can do the trick very smoothly. Then you're ready to amuse your friends.

Last Updated: April 4, 2007   |   Posted: July 15, 2001
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