Toy Strip Origami


by Peter Grabarchuk

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Suppose you have three strips, each colored on one side. The width of each strip is 1 unit and their lengths as long as you need. Using these three Origami strips, can you produce the three letter shapes shown, with their respective proportions, at the top of the illustration, i.e. the "T" letter from the red strip, the "O" letter from the yellow strip and the "Y" letter from the blue one?

While solving this Origami strip puzzle only simple folds (so-called “book folds”) with no twists or bends are allowed. Note, that during every single fold you can fold only one(!!) single layer of paper at a time. At the same time you can perform such a "single-layered" fold so that after it is done its parts may cover/envelop some other parts of your sign/shape.

Finally, you should see every letter shape as it is shown; its color/white parts may be either plain, or composed of several respective elements.

You can mark out, cut off, and precrease your colored paper strips before the final folds as you need, keeping in mind that your main and the only challenge is to achieve each of the three letter shapes in the LEAST number of simple ("single-layered, book") folds. You are not limited in length of used strips, but try to use a strip as short as you can to form every letter. And remember that a strip you use should be always in the form of a narrow rectangle.

Last Updated: January 26, 2006
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