The Treasure at Medinet


after Professor Louis Hoffmann

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One legend says that there was an Eastern prince, Haroun al Elim, who made a number of roads crossing his kingdom and built eight fortresses so that no two of them were on the same road. 

A map of that kingdom - unfortunately, divided into four square fragments - was preserved in the Mosque Al Redin, at Medinet, on the coast of the Red Sea. And there was some reward - a treasure of ancient jewellery - to anyone who will restore the original positions of the fragments.

It's an ancient story. Now those castles are in ruins, and the roads aren't traceable anymore... 

But we have copies of all the four square fragments with the roads and the eight fortresses (red marks) - see the illustration above. First print the fragments from our special
Print 'n' Play PDF version and then cut them out.

Now try to solve that old challenge. The object is to arrange four squares into a bigger one so that no more than one red mark is placed in each line running across the big square horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Last Updated: October 24, 2006
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