The Unicursal Marathon


by Serhiy Grabarchuk

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The object of this puzzle is to figure out which of the 12 patterns on the left can't be drawn with pencil in one continuous line so that you don't take the pencil point off the paper.

You are not allowed to go over any part of the line twice, or cross it.

You may use our special
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Mini-Contest 10 - The Unicursal Marathon is FINISHED

Now we'd like to propose this contest's results, possible solutions to this set of mini-puzzles and some details about this type of puzzles.

We got a lot of your answers. Some of them were incomplete or just partially correct. Fully correct solutions were received from our solvers who are listed in the Winners List below. 

With this Mini-Contest 10 is finished. 

It was our second Mini-Contest with
Puzzle Playground sector, and again you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. We thank you for this, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

Contest Results

The winners are:
1. Jensen Lai.
2. Alex Packard.
3. Prem.
4. Koby Shachar.
Last Updated: May 27, 2006
PDF Version (303 KB)

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