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Hoppers® - Hop-Til-You-Drop Peg Solitaire
Only ThinkFun could transform the classic peg solitaire jumping game, "The Great Thirteen," into such a rich, multi-level playing experience! Hoppers® comes from the inventor of Rush Hour®, Nob Yoshigahara. It's a peg solitaire with frogs - easy to learn and a pleasure to play, even for younger kids! 

Goal: Players place frogs on the pond to match a challenge card, then hop frogs over each other until there's only one left.

- 12 adorable Happy Hoppers
- 40 challenge cards ranging from Beginner to Expert
- Complete How-to-Play instructions inside
- Each challenge card has a solution on its back
- Cards fit neatly in tray beneath lily-pad playing surface
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