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Scott Kim
Scott Kim is an independent game designer who designs original visual thinking puzzles for the Web, computer games, magazines and toys. 

Major projects include puzzles for web sites and, computer games Obsidian and Escher Interactive, magazines Discover and Games, and physical toy Railroad Rush Hour®. 

His interest in puzzles sprang from an early interest in mathematics, education and art. His first puzzles appeared in Scientific American in Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games column. 

Other pursuits include creating "inversions" (words that read in more than one way), and creating educational dance performances about mathematics. 

He was born in 1955, raised in Los Angeles, and attended Stanford University, where he received a BA in music and a self-designed PhD in Computers and Graphic Design. 

He currently lives in El Granada, California, near San Francisco, with his wife Amy (online community strategist and author of Community Building on the Web) and his son Gabriel. You can read more about his work on his web site (
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