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by Andy Liu, October 2002

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BACCHIC Field Trips
With the establishment of BACCHIC, courtesy of ThinkFun Inc. (A Binary Arts® Company) and Chiu Chang Mathematics Foundation, I am able to welcome classes of elementary school children to the university campus for half-day field trips during the week. I will give a lecture at the appropriate level to the kids. Then they have time for a mechanical puzzle session during which each kid is provided with his or her own set. They will also leave with sheets of mathematical puzzles.

At present, we have thirteen different mechanical puzzles in the Centre, with 24 sets of each except for Rush Hour®, Lunar Lockout® and Logix Signature. These three are the most frequently requested items, and we have stocked 30 sets of each, since the class size has been increasing even at the elementary school level. All three are progressive puzzles, meaning that it has multiple levels.

Rush Hour® provides excellent training in developing sequential algorithms. Lunar Lockout®, my personal favourite, develops geometric and spatial intuition. Logix Signature, as the title implies, hones logical thinking. All three are outstanding mechanical puzzles.

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