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by Mark Kielpinski, Summer 2002

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Advice for Teachers Just Starting Out
Here are some recommendations for puzzles in a classroom setting. 

1. The diagonal burr, the star, and another puzzle like the seven wood puzzle that uses the same type of piece alignment but has a different exterior look.

2. A set of Kumiki Puzzles that demonstrate the various key pieces.

3. Packing puzzles of various difficulties. (Start with the basic diabolical cube packed in a box, then a more difficult, etc...)

4. Letter dissections and impossible objects. (Letter dissections you put together - many grade levels understand what a Capital H is so it can be used 1-8 grade / impossible objects are not a put together but rather, how do you think they put these together?)

I would also mention that in 1997 I received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education for the State of North Dakota, and in my narrative I had stated that puzzles and the use of puzzles to develop problem solving was a huge part of my classroom. I guess that would have contributed to my success.

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Puzzles in the Classroom
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Advice for Teachers Just Starting Out

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