Do you like a good puzzle?

Do you like clever, fun puzzles that stretch your brain and make you think? Are you willing to be twisted around an idea and have to fight your way through to the solution? Would you love to top our Tournament Leaderboards and show off your incredible skills to your teammates?

If this sounds fun to you, you’re ready to join the ThinkFun BrainLab Chocolate Fix Online Tournament.


To register in the Private Leagues you must be on a team, and to get started you must receive an invitation with a registration code from your Team Manager.

If you don't have a team or a team manager yet, you need to find a suitable adult leader who is willing to volunteer to oversee your team and become a part of the program.

Once you have a registered team manager, he or she can send you your invitation email, containing your registration code. You’ll click on the link in your email and follow the simple steps to set up your account.

Tell your chosen team captain to go to the Team Manager page here to find out how to register themselves.

If you don't have an affiliation with a large organization like MathCounts or a School District, and simply want to play in Brain Lab by yourself, you can join the Public League. Click here to get started as a Public League Player