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Ready for your
elephant handler training?

SpinOut is a brain-teaser puzzle. To solve it, you need to herd the seven elephants into a line and march them out of their puzzle pen.


To start, the pachyderms are all facing sideways, and they're all trapped in the pen. They can move back and forth on their platform,


and there is one place - the sculpted out section near the pen exit - where one elephant at a time can turn in to (or out of) line.

The problem is, an elephant can only turn into line if the elephant immediately in front of him is still out of line. This makes for a very unruly situation!

If you get stuck and want to reset the puzzle - or if you solve the puzzle and want to set it for the next person - you can open the hinge at the back of the pen (puzzle case), reset the elephants so they're all facing sideways, push the elephants back into their pen, snap the back into place, and you're ready to play again. The smallest arrows show the lead elephant.


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