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To move the elephant line backwards or forward click on the corresponding red arrow. To turn an elephant at the turning point simply click this elephant.
Elephant Spinout® - Real Game
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Hot News
Elephant SpinOut® has just won its third award - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Gold Seal Award - 2002!!

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Elephant SpinOut® was first introduced as SpinOut by Binary Arts in 1987. It was the fourth puzzle Binary Arts ever produced and the first that was commercially successful. All four of these early puzzles - SpinOut, The Hexadecimal Puzzle, The Cat, and The Horse puzzles, were created by William Keister (1907-1997), a Bell Labs engineer and dear family friend. 

SpinOut, now themed for fun with elephants, is the most direct descendant of Mr. Keister's original work with the Chinese Rings.

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Elephant Spinout® Awards
 Elephant SpinOut® won 3 prestigious awards!!

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