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Some tips how to solve
Elephant Spin

In the "How to Play" section, we described the problem that an elephant cannot turn unless the elephant directly in front of him is out of line, facing sideways.

SpinOut's solution starts with two simple ideas, each of which address this problem.

First, the lead elephant has none in front of him: he can always turn, either to face forward or to face sideways.

Second, if you push the elephants as far forward as they can go, you will see that it is a sideways-facing elephant that stops the march every time. Thus, the next elephant in line, which will be lined up at the sculpted turn area, will always be able to turn.

With these two ideas in mind, here's how to solve Elephant SpinOut®.

1) Push the elephant line backwards as far as it can go. Turn the first elephant so it is facing in-line.

2) Push the elephant line forward as far as it can go. Turn the elephant at the turning point into line.

3) Push the elephant line backwards as far as it can go (this will always be to the first elephant in line). Turn the first elephant to face the opposite way from his current position. (If he came in sideways, turn him to face in line, and if he came in in-line, turn him sideways.)

4) Push the elephant line forwards as far as it can go. Turn the elephant in the turning position the opposite direction from its current position.

5) Repeat this process, shuttling back and forth all the way forward and all the way backward and switching elephant positions, until the puzzle is solved.

Here you may see the solution of Elephant SpinOut®, including a complete printable diagram of how to solve the puzzle.

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