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Play Hoppers and... be the smartest Frog in the Pond!
The rules are simple, the games play quickly, and the challenges range from simple to really tough. You're gonna love this!
1 Start by choosing a challenge card, and setting your frogs on the pond (playing board) as indicated by the card.
2 Then start hopping, one frog at a time, and removing each frog that you have hopped.
3 You can only move along the lines indicated on the playing board surface: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Each move must jump one and only one frog, and must land on a free space.
4 Keep jumping until you can’t jump any more. If you end up with only one frog on the pond, you win!
Hoppers has 40 challenge cards, ranging from Beginner to Expert. Play them all… in no time, you’ll be the smartest Frog in the Pond!

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