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Turn the disks sideways to remove the puzzle slide from its case. Watch out! There's only one place for the disks to turn - the rotation spot.
To Play
While playing with the Flash version of Spin•Out® you can use your mouse or your keyboard or a combination of them.

To rotate a piece at the rotation spot, just click it (or press the Spacebar). To return the piece into the initial position, click it again (or press the Spacebar). To slide the bar with the pieces left or right click the respective arrows beneath the puzzle (or press the Left Arrow and the Right Arrow keys respectively).

Click the Restart button ("R" key) each time you want to start solving the current challenge again. You are provided with an additional option to choose the size of the challenge - from 2 to 7 pieces. To make the respective challenge available for solving, select it in the popup menu. Our recommendation would be to start with the easier challenges (less pieces) and then gradually move through up to the harder ones with more pieces.
Last Updated: January 10, 2007

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