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Find your way through the arrows!

That-A-Way™ consists of ten tiles composed of all the different ways that two directional arrows can be placed on 1x2 tiles facing up, down, and each side directions

The object is simple - to match a variety of different patterns using these tiles. 

This sounds easy. But, now look a bit closer. Just try to arrange the smallest possible 2x2 square using any two of the ten tiles, and you will see what makes That-A-Way™ so tricky. It's possible to use two different pairs of tiles to arrange each simple pattern of this form. Can you see which two pairs of tiles can be used to make this pattern?

The set of tiles for That-A-Way™.
Each tile has its own number.
  Now imagine that you have to arrange a pattern using all the ten tiles. And please note, none of our patterns contains the solution lines. That's your challenge. That-A-Way™!

Happy Puzzling!
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