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Try some of the That-A-Way™ challenges.
To Start
Go to the printable page with the 10 playing tiles (Dominarrows). Print the page, and cut out all the tiles. You may want to glue them to a cardboard backing surface for better playability.
Snake Stork
Snake Stork Ring
Stoplight Dino
Stoplight Dino Castle
Cactus Magnifying Glass
Cactus Magnifying Glass Viking
Two Rectangles Offset
South West
Two Rectangles Offset South West
Capital U Plus
Capital U Plus Factory
Now test your skills on the set of over a dozen of pattern matching challenges we've carefully prepared for you.

Our challenges are organized from Starter to Expert; so feel free to gain some experience with the simpler challenges to get your feet wet, or plunge right in to the most difficult. They're all fun!
It is possible to use a very systematic approach to solving That-A-Way™. To help build your critical thinking skills for this puzzle, we've prepared a ten-lesson toolkit of hints for you
Stumped? OK, we're easy. Go to our Solutions page to see all the answers.
  Play On-Line
This is the internet, and you're welcome to play on-line. C'mon over, the playing's fine!
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  Good Luck!
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