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Coast to Coast™: the map with Woodie Station Wagon and package.

Coast to Coast™ has won two prestigious awards!!
Road trip! Grab your friends, family and pets, pack the car and hit the highway. Coast-to-Coast is an original ThinkFun puzzle with a nostalgic flare. Get set for a journey in your vintage Woodie station wagon across the USA from East coast to West.

Hopefully you'll reach your destination... but be prepared for many twists and turns along the way. Your puzzle map, made of nickel plated stamped steel, provides a navigational challenge to even the most seasoned traveler.

To get a sense of how the puzzle actually plays, take a look at the animated solution… and don't worry, you'll be able to stop the animation well before you have to worry that you've seen too much.

Woodie Station Wagon
with two posts.

Driving Tips, Roads' 
Rules and more...

Move your car across the USA from New York to Los Angeles. Your New York start is marked in GREEN - Los Angeles finish is marked with RED.

The difficulty, as you might imagine, is that you can't just take a direct route. To solve this puzzle, you have to find the route which gets you from here to there; and you may have to do quite a bit of meandering to get there.

For more details on puzzle play and how to move the pieces, see our Driving Tips, Road Rules and more...

We've developed two versions of the solution to Coast to Coast™ - animated and printable. When you play the animated version, you can watch the car wind its way through the correct route to the solution; this makes for a good hint, as you'll have to remember the sequence for yourself. With the printable version, you have a complete blueprint for how to solve the puzzle.

Since the founding of the United States Americans have had the longing to travel with no particular destination in mind just an urge to see something new. Just as Lewis and Clark headed West in 1804, we still travel with the same desires – to see America’s natural beauty, to seek new opportunities and to share in the camaraderie of fellow travelers.

Combining the adventure of travel with the quest for amusement, Americans were delighted by the development of maze and route puzzles in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These puzzles sported names like “Pike’s Peak or Bust,” “Africa Puzzle,” and “The Eclipse.” Coast to Coast™, developed by Serhiy Grabarchuk, is a faithful re-creation of this style of maze and route puzzle. 

Coast to Coast™ has won its second award!!

Dr. Toy:
Best Vacation Product - 2002
Games Magazine: Games 100 List - 2003

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You can buy Coast to Coast™ at our Gift Shop here at Puzzles.COM. The puzzle is also carried by many toy and gift shops. Please use our Store Locator to find a store in your area that carries ThinkFun product. Be sure to call and make sure that they specifically stock Coast to Coast™!

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August 28, 2003

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