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Welcome to GridWorks!
GridWorks is a pattern matching game based on the principles of logical deduction…and it’s fun!
9 Magnetic Tokens:
• A Green Triangle, Circle and X shape
• A Yellow Triangle, Circle and X shape
• A Blue Triangle, Circle and X shape
Game Grid:
Two-sided, 3x3 grid with 9 squares
60 Challenges:
Each challenge consists of visual clues. Taken together, the clues give you all the information you need to solve the challenge.
About the Inventors
GridWorks is an exciting new product from ThinkFun, the award-winning manufacturer of Rush Hour®, River Crossing®, Tip Over™, and many more enlightening products. GridWorks helps you learn deductive reasoning skills while enjoying hours of fun. It includes 60 challenges from beginner to expert levels. This enables players, young and old, to increase their skill level as they progress through the challenges. The book format, along with magnetic tokens, makes GridWorks great for travel.

Thanks to Scott Kim, Mark Engelberg, Bobby Berns, and Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr. - The Griddlers - for their development work on GridWorks and its challenges.
Canadian Toy Testing Council - 3-Star Award – 2005
ThinkFun - Everybody plays.

Last Updated: January 10, 2007
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