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Hop-Til-You-Drop Peg Solitaire
Hoppers® is the delightful peg-solitaire jumping game from the makers of Rush Hour®! Easy and fun to play it's one of our top sellers! Only ThinkFun could transform the classic peg-solitaire jumping game, "The Great Thirteen," invented in 1899, into a rich, multi-level playing experience! 

Hoppers is delightful family fun, easy to learn and a pleasure to play, even for younger kids from ages 6 and up.

The Hoppers® lily-pad playing surface, 12 adorable Happy Hopper frogs, and 40 cards with original puzzle challenges, from Beginner to Expert, offer multiple levels of play, and helps build strategic and problem-solving skills. Each challenge card has a solution on its back. 

Hoppers® is great for travel - the play tray slides off to reveal storage compartment for cards and frogs.
The Object
The rules for Hoppers® are similar to peg solitaire. Simply place the frogs on the pond to match a challenge card. Move the frogs from one lily pad to another by hopping over other frogs. Hop until there's only one frog left on the pond.
To Play
If you want to print out a sample game or two, you are welcome to do this. Just go to Print 'n' Play page and then download PDF files with challenges. If you want to practice playing on-line, we have set up a Java applet for you. Good Luck!
Purchasing Hoppers
If you are interested in buying the Hoppers puzzle, please ask about it in your local store, or here at Puzzles.COM in our Gift Shop. For more information, please see here.

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