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May 11, 2008 - We have organized a special page within the Rush Hour section we plan to highlight some Rush Hour videos from the Web. Several of them are presented already.
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June 5, 2006 - Rush Hour® has won two new awards. See them here.
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May 12, 2005 - Rush Hour® continues its awarding expansion both off-line and on-line.
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Play all 40 Rush Hour® Challenges - from Mark Riedel August 4, 2003 - A set of 40 Rush Hour® challenges programmed in JavaScript is added to this section. The entire set was programmed by Mark Riedel and now with some final design touches from our end you can enjoy it playing on-line.
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Enjoy Rush Hour® Animated Solutions for Challenges 30 and 35 June 12, 2003 - Fully interactive Flash animations of solutions to the two Rush Hour® challenges (30 and 35) are presented.
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Rush Hour® selected to Millennium Puzzles! September 15, 2002 - This 20-century-end puzzle hit was selected into Puzzles.COM's Millennium Selection of the best 100 puzzles which is still building up.
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Rush Hour® on MTV®! April 15, 2002 - On April 15, 2002, the cast of MTV®'s Real World/Road Rules Challenge will face "The Rush Hour Challenge," a life-size version of Rush Hour® - complete with real cars...
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