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Spin•Out® The Spinning, Sliding Brainteaser Challenge
A new spin on a ThinkFun® original! Spin•Out® is the spinning, sliding, mind-challenging puzzle with a whole lot of twists guaranteed to unlock hours of fun! It was one of our best-sellers and it’s back, better than ever, with a new and improved easy reset feature.

To play, simply start at the designated spot as shown, then one by one turn each disk sideways to form a straight line. The object is to line up the disks in order to release the slide. Twist by twist, turn by turn players build logical deduction, concentration, and problem-solving skills as they unlock the secret to removing the slide. Once Spin•Out® has been solved, it’s easy to reset with the new hinge design!

Guaranteed to make the mind spin for hours. Anyone who loves a fun and fascinating challenge will be drawn to this exciting new brainteaser.
About The Inventor
Spin•Out® was invented by William Keister, a pioneer in telecommunications switching-system theory and design while serving as director of Computing Technology Center at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories.

Fascinated by puzzles as a young boy, Keister began a lifelong hobby, while still in grade school, of making classic Chinese Ring Puzzles. Keister also designed a number of other unique and challenging puzzles. “I wanted to create a series of puzzles that would show some of the principles of logic that I spent my career working on. My main requirement was that any puzzle should be visually appealing and intellectually interesting enough to entrap people at a cocktail party or similar social gathering. I think Spin•Out® is quite satisfactory in that regard.”
Solution Principles
Spin•Out®’s solution sequence follows the same pattern as that of the Chinese Ring Puzzle, a puzzle which may have been invented as early as A.D. 200 and has been popular for centuries. For both puzzles, the solution involves a sequential movement, binary code pattern. Put simply, this means that each piece of the puzzle can be placed in only one of two positions at any given time. The word “binary” means two.

Interestingly, the solution code for these two puzzles is exactly the same as the Gray Binary Code, a binary-based counting system named after Frank Gray, a colleague of Keister’s at Bell Labs. Gray created this code in the 1930s to provide an error- correcting technique for electronic communications. It is still used today as a basis for electronic switching and for computer logic.
About ThinkFun, Inc.
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Last Updated: January 10, 2007

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