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That-A-Way™ is a new pattern-matching puzzle with a fantastic kaleidoscope of patterns!
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  Hot News
That-A-Way™ has just won its fourth award - Canadian Toy Testing Council: Jouet 3Star Toy - 2001!!

See the full That-A-Way™ Award List.
A wonderful mathematical concept - clever combination domino and arrows - resulted in 10 simple and great tiles - dominoarrows. Domino+Arrow=Dominoarrow. Nice new puzzle word!

Now these 10 tiles combine to form a rich puzzle and puzzle set - That-A-Way!
  The Object
Choose a pattern, and match it by using the 10 tiles. The trick is that you have to figure out the exact position for each of the tiles. If you place even one tile in the wrong position, the final stages of the puzzle cannot be solved.
  To Play
Go to our printable page with the 10 puzzle tiles, print it out and then cut out all the 10 Dominarrows. Or go directly to our Play On-Line puzzle applet. Build new and new patterns, and so build your pattern-matching skills.
Buy That-A-Way™ at our Gift Shop! Purchasing That-A-Way™
That-A-Way is not just a puzzle concept. It is also a real product, that you can purchase for yourself or as a gift. For more information, see That-A-Way™ in our Gift Shop.

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