National Puzzle Day 2010

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Holiday Pies It's National Puzzle Day again! Strimko Set 107 GridWorks Logic Puzzles 145-146 Square-Cocoon-Butterfly
Double Play Strimko Set 108 Executive Decisions Two Flowers When?
January 29.
Each year.
GridWorks Logic Puzzles 143-144 Rose Garden 3 How to celebrate?
Alone or better with friends and families.
Strimko Set 106 Holiday Pies
What to do?
Play puzzles of all types, forms and difficulties all day long.
Poetry Reading The Sun Nob's Dozen
Strimko Set 104 Measuring the Day Starting School What are the origins?
Still unknown.
GridWorks Logic Puzzles 141-142
Main feature?
Great fun!
Classic Star Strimko Set 105 At the Fair! Nob's M
More info about the Day: Brief description  |  Recommendations on celebration  |  Hasbro puzzles  |  KoL NPD Contest 2010
Posted: January 28, 2010

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