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To participate, simply scroll down our list until you find a puzzle that intrigues you. Then simply click it to open and read all about it. If you like it, print it out and itís yours.
Happy Puzzling!

Manipulative Puzzles
Coin Puzzles
Coin Butterfly
Coin Cup
Coin Exchange
Coin Squad
Coins & Triangles
Coin Triangle
Collating the Coins
Five Pennies, The
Four Stacks
In Puzzleland
Jumping Coins, The
Keep It Even
Nob's H-2-O
Six Pennies, The
Matchstick Puzzles
Bat, The
Bird, The
Christmas Tree
Correct Equation
Eighth Triangle, The
From Five To Four
Giraffe, The
Hedgehog, The
Match Cross, The
Match Window, The
No More Squares
Out of Glass
Puzzling Time
Square & Division
Three Squares, The
Triangle in Addition
Turn the Fish
Wine Glass Puzzle, The
Put-Together Puzzles
4 Angles, The
8 Angles, The

Choco Fits
Classic Star
Easy Square Puzzle, An
Eight Sticks   NEW
Four into One

Get a Greek Cross
Lace Loops
Pentomino Problem
Rocking Horse
Shapes & Colors
Square by Square
Square Table Top
Testa, The

Triangular Grid, The
Two Flowers
Puzzles with Letters
H Puzzle, The
M Puzzle, The
T Puzzle, The
Cross Breaker, The
Cross vs. Square
Egg of Columbus, The

Egyptian Puzzle, The
Tangram, The
Trapezoidal Tangram
Zero Puzzle, The
Matching Cards
Diamond Puzzle, The
Four Cards
Plus 2 Hexagons
Saddle the Horses
Squares 4 Four
Stover's Pencils
Tessellated Tiles
Three Hares
Treasure at Medinet, The
Checkerboard Puzzles
Battle Royal, A
Broken Checkerboard
Eight Checkered L's
Hard 14
Chess 'n' Checkers Puzzles
7 Knights Problem, The
Four Knights
Four Queens, The
Knight's Tour, The
Knight's Tour 2, The
Question of Two Queens, The
Six Knights
Three Queens
Unattacked Cells
Puzzles with Trains
Simple Train Exchange Switch the Cars
Folding Puzzles
Color Prism Patterns
Cubed Rectangles
Cubed Triangles
Fold the Sheet
Funny Fold
Square to Cube
Strip to Cube
Strip to Pentagon
Toy Strip Origami
Triangle Folds
Other Manipulative Puzzles
Chair Arrangement
Route of the Six Stops
Six Pencils, The
The Three Dice Sum
Twiddled Bolts, The
Non-Manipulative Puzzles
Visual Puzzles
Areas in the Big Square
Band Cross, The
Block Twins
Cat, The
Colored Umbrellas
Counting the Squares
Counting the Triangles
Counting the Triangles 2

Find the Cross
How Many Squares?
Lost Star, The
Name the Month
Next Square
Next Symbol
Rule, The

Sea Creature   NEW
Three Bracelets
Two Spirals, The
Math 'n' Logic Puzzles
Bottle and a Cork, A
Bugs' Traffic

Colored Names & Hair
Cube Cuts
Get 4L

How Many Minutes?
How Old is the Rose-Red City?
In 'n' Out
Kisses & Handshakes
Monk Travel, The
Mutilated Chessboard, The

Painting a Cube
Painting a Pyramid
Portrait, The

Square Window, The
Two Jars
Who's Telling the Truth?
Geometrical Puzzles
Acute Dissection
Cube Angle
Earth Belt, The
Hexagon Inside the Cube
Hole in the Sphere
Outside the Hole
Rays Through the Squares
Rectangle Around
Six Cubes
Sphere Between Cubes
Spider Ride
Square Intersection
Square to Triangle
Dissection Puzzles
Arrow Cutting
Battle of the Four Oaks, The
Ceramic Tiles
Choco Squares
Choco Squares 2
Crazy Cut
Crazy Cut Suite
Cutting a Cake
Disk in2 Ovals
Dodecagon-to-Square Dissection
Easy Dissection Puzzle, An
Five Congruent Polygons, The
Good Luck Puzzle, The
Improvised Chessboard
Moon Challenge, The|
Nob's Checkerboard Restoring

Nob's M
Patch Quilt Puzzle, The
Patchwork Quilts
Sedan Chair Puzzle, The
Seven by 3
Square Skate
Step the Square
Triamond, The
Twelve Parts of the Hexagon
Puzzles with Numbers
26 - 63 = 1
26 Puzzle Re_Solution, The
abc Arithmetics, The

Cube Dates
Darts Count
Dice Sum, The
Digits in the Square
Divisible by 7
Eight Cards, The
Four Sevens, The
From 1 Through 19
Magic Triangle 3X
Nine Digit
Nob's Dozen
Nob's Number Tree
Number Grid Puzzle, The
Send More Money
Simple Cryptarithm, A
Simple Multiplication
Six Numbers
Star of Numbers

Twenty4 Puzzle
"Twenty-Six" Puzzle, The

Up to 100
Pencil 'n' Paper Puzzles
Another Twelve Points
Around Dodecahedron In 20 Points
Dots & Squares
Five Routes
Four Circles
Hopscotch Puzzle, A
In Ancient Greece

In the Space
New Star Puzzle, The
Nine Points
Puzzling Journey
Puzzling Journey 2
Quarrelsome Neighbors, The
In Ancient Greece
Rose Garden
Rose Garden 2
Rose Garden 3
Starry Sky
Stained-Glass Circle
Sunny Walk   NEW
Three Squares
Three Squares 2
Triangle Unicursals
Twelve Points
Unicursal Marathon, The
Puzzles from Championships
Finnish Snake
Jigsaw Cells
Jigsaw Cells 2
SMS Codes
Star Battle
Alkborough Maze, The
Hampton Court Maze

Hatfield House Maze, The
Knossos Labyrinth, The
Rock Climber Maze, The
Theobalds Maze, The
Puzzles with Weighings
Fish's Weight
Heavy Weight
Red, White, and Blue Balls
Word Puzzles
Between the Lines
Big Cross-Out Swindle
Easy One, An
Key Word
Mars Tour, The
Message Reading
Nob's Phuslulp
Read the Message
Sun, The
What Animal?
Other Non-Manipulative Puzzles
Bugs in a Row
Missing Link, The
Pearls in the Grid
Pearls in the Grid 2
Illusions, Tricks and Toys
Compass in a Watch
Crazy Lines
Elusive Spots
Find the Center
Impossible Object
Inner Circle, The
Missing Piece
Pencil Illusion
Point the Center
Square Waves
Turning Digits
Card Fan
Count Trick
Fold to Turn
Impossible Hole, The
Magic Square
Magic Triangle
Match Trick, A
MatchBox Slide

Rainbow Necklace Trick

Three Dice
Through the Postcard
Where Is the 5?
Bottle Toy
Catch or Pass
Coin Distances
Cover the Red Circle

Doggy Mosaic
Dovetailed Block, The
Falling Box
Mirror Drawing
News Folder

Try to Tear
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