Four Knights


by Paulo Guarini di Forli

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Exchange the black knights with the white knights as shown in Figure 1 in the minimum possible number of moves. One move is a normal knight's move on any vacant cell of the board.

Figure 2 shows some moves of the chess knight which may be done as follows: 
A - one cell in one direction (horizontal or vertical), and then two cells in other direction (vertical or horizontal) - one such a move is shown in Figure 2,a;
B - two cells in one direction (horizontal or vertical), and then one cell in other direction (vertical or horizontal) - Figure 2,b shows one of such moves.

You may want to use our printable 3x3 board to solve the puzzle. Just print it out form the
Print 'n' Play PDF Version, take two pairs of chess knights or simple coins, and place them on the start cells. Now you're ready to solve the puzzle.

Last Updated: June 24, 2006
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